Real lives behind the statistics

Success to us is looking at the real life experiences of our customers - not just focusing on the numbers and statistics.

It’s what we’re here for

Whilst we’re proud of our claims statistics, real pride comes from hearing how the money from a claim actually helps people when they need it most. Read stories from our customers who took the time to share their experiences and explain how having protection changed their lives.

Ian’s story - (on behalf of his son Max)

Ian (35) and his wife Rebecca (34) were looking forward to the birth of their second son. Both in their early thirties, they lived a normal and relatively stress free life. That was until their son Max was announced profoundly deaf moments after being born in May 2017. Ian wanted to share their story and to offer advice to those thinking about taking out insurance.


Sharon's Story

Sharon lived a normal and healthy life, working for a large company as Head of Quality and Compliance. Sharon had no idea that one day, heading home from work, her life would change and would never return to how she knew it. Sharon had a stroke at the young age of 42.


John's story

John never thought that he would need to claim on his critical illness insurance policy. He led an active life, teaching swimming and keeping up with his young children, but in the blink of an eye, everything changed. A diagnosis for prostate cancer turned his world upside down.


Alex's story

Alex always considered himself a fit and healthy person who led an active and busy life, working 60 hours a week as a self-employed field agent. He was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in June 2017 at the age of 66, and wanted to offer his advice to those thinking about taking out insurance.


Steve's story

Steve was on holiday with his wife when a brief episode of breathlessness and chest pain caught him unawares. It passed in minutes, so it was dismissed as nothing more than a bit of mild heartburn. The last thing Steve expected was to be undergoing a life-saving quadruple bypass only weeks later.