Critical illness recovery time - why don’t we talk about it?


Helen Croft  Helen Croft,  Underwriting and Claims Strategy Manager

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Critical Illness Customers

Critical illnesses are not something we like to think about. It's even less likely that customers will know how long it can take to recover from a serious medical condition and have thought about the emotional, financial and physical impact on their lives. Yet studies show that one in three people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime.

Additionally, cancer and other critical illnesses such as heart disease and stroke are amongst the top five causes of premature deaths in the UK*. In light of this, it’s wise to create a safety net should the worst happen that gives customers the space to recover fully.

Financial impacts

If an income provider in the household needs time off work for a long period because of serious illness, customers need to consider how the everyday bills, mortgage or rental costs will be paid. Especially if a spouse or family member may need to take time away from work too or leave their employment to provide care. Other costs may also occur such as private medical treatment, expensive medicines or necessary adaptations to the home.

Emotional considerations

It is not unusual for a sick individual to have feelings of guilt, or feel that they have to get fit and well as soon as possible. A critical illness payment can help provide extra time to regain physical and emotional health without the added pressure to return to work.

Treatment and rehabilitation time

Relieving the emotional pressure is all the more important as treatment and rehabilitation times can vary from person to person depending on their condition and on the health of the patient. After a heart attack, for example, the rehabilitation process usually doesn’t start for 4-8 weeks after leaving hospital**. The extra support provided by a payment from critical illness insurance can mean a smoother, less stressful and sometimes earlier return to normality.

Diagnosis of a critical illness can often start an intense period of upheaval. But we can change the conversation before it happens and get customers comfortable with the idea of preparing for life’s unexpected curveballs. Our Chief Medical Officer Rob Rosa, has as a GP seen first-hand how long it can take for patients to truly recover:

Critical illness recovery time - why don’t we talk about it?

So with Critical Illness cover, most of us actually focus on what the T&C’s say and importantly actually what the condition is that you’re claiming for and there’s that whole hidden background aspect of the enormity of this condition, the effect it has on yourself and the effect that it has on your family.


We’ve improved our critical illness insurance to make it simpler, more generous and more comforting for customers to know their condition may result in a claim. If you would like to find out how this can help protect for the future, call our Sales team on 0345 600 6829 or take a look at our critical illness sales aid.