Preparing to succeed – 3 top tips from the All Blacks Sevens


Wednesday 6 June 2018

All Blacks Team

AIG Life was proud to host the much anticipated All Blacks Rugby Sevens breakfast meeting at The Ivy Chelsea Garden in London in May. The players, Captain Scott Curry, Bailey Simonssen and Tone Ng Shiu, gave our audience of financial advisers and partners a rare opportunity to get the inside scoop on how the All Blacks prepare mentally and physically to perform at their best and stay ahead of the competition.

Tip 1 

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Repeat. The All Blacks Sevens are always preparing for the next move and scenario planning is key to their success - a technique that enables them to discuss as a team the scenarios they’re likely to face and how they can overcome them. This is exactly the kind of approach you might use when helping customers decide what protection suits them – getting them to think about a variety of scenarios they may not have considered before.

Tip 2 

Tap into the latest innovations. The Sevens take full advantage of technology to help them be the best. Drones record their training sessions, which they then watch together as a team to analyse where improvements can be made. Delivering innovations to help you and your clients is important to us at AIG Life. That’s why we’ve developed tools like our Bridging the Gap calculator to make it easy to have conversations with customers about the cover they need.

Tip 3 

Know when to take advice. The All Blacks Sevens may be the best at rugby but they also know when to take advice. Scott, Bailey and Tone emphasised the importance of having a great team of experts around them that enabled the whole team to maintain peak performance. From the coaches that advise them on their diet and plan their training routines, to the sports psychologists that work with them as a team and individuals to stay calm under pressure; all this advice makes a big difference.

Buying protection might seem difficult and complicated to customers, they want to know they’re getting a good product from a friendly, reliable company. That’s why they need the expert advice you provide to make sure they have trust in the product that’s right for them. Call us on 0345 600 6829 for more information.

Want more advice from the All Blacks Sevens? 

Find out more by watching footage from the day below.

All Blacks Sevens Event - May 2018

All Blacks Sevens Event in London - Preparation

All Blacks Sevens Event - May 2018

F: Here we are at The Ivy in Chelsea after a fantastic business breakfast, AIG Life hosting partners and brokers, and we've had the opportunity to meet New Zealand rugby's All Blacks Sevens; Scott, Tone and Bailey. A really inspiring morning.

The actual theme of the event, preparation, how we prepare for key events in life.

We try and lead by example in everything we do, whether that's on the field or off the field. It's always a dream to wear the All Blacks jersey and doing the haka in front of everyone just gives us goose bumps.

Fitness is obviously a huge part so I think the game of Sevens comes down to being able to make those decisions under fatigue.

The guys themselves, absolute legends, come down, did such a good job.

F: We're prepared, we're ready now to go off and win some new business out in our space.

F: A really inspiring morning, great vibe. Thanks to everybody for coming along and making it so special.