The best things we do in life, we do for others


Monday 2 September 2019



In an increasingly self-obsessed world, true selflessness is a rare commodity. At AIG Life, we recognise that life insurance is the only form of insurance that people buy for others. Our job is to do the right thing when they need us most.

The reality is people don’t like to talk about death and the life-altering moments when this insurance is needed. Consumer advertising campaigns for life insurance are rare in the UK as a result. But it’s our families, the people around us and the people we love that motivate us and who we try to do right by. And the best things we do in life we do for others. That’s what we’ve learned from the All Blacks through our sponsorship of New Zealand Rugby.

Recently that meant we paid out a claim for a policyholder before he died. The son of our policyholder wrote about what that meant to his mum and dad. I think his words are better than anything we could write:


'I informed my Father that the policy had paid out and this provided him with a great deal of comfort in his last weeks that my mother would be financially secure when he passed away.  I cannot explain how grateful I am to your staff in how they dealt with this matter because in my Father's last few weeks anything that made him happy and comfortable was a bonus to us as a family.  My Father advised me that if he got out of hospital he "would like to give AIG a bit of business" as a thank you but unfortunately this did not transpire as sadly, my Father passed away on Tuesday 19th March 2019 in the Mater Hospital in Belfast.

The early pay out of this policy was a particular comfort to my mother as she knew from an early stage that she was financially secure.  The service that I have received from AIG has been second to none.  From me first making contact in February 2019, your staff have been nothing but excellent.  The information sought was not excessive and I wholeheartedly thank you for your excellent, empathetic, sympathetic, professional, caring and dignified service.  I will be forever in your debt and I would unreservedly recommend AIG's Life Insurance to anyone.'


We didn’t pay the claim for publicity or recommendations. It’s just one of those situations when doing the right thing is the right thing - because the decisions we make now matter.

The All Blacks stand for so much more than themselves. That’s why they’re the ideal voices to share the AIG Life story. The All Blacks live and breathe a philosophy of selflessness - their saying is that you leave the jersey in a better place than you found it. This really resonates with us because the insurance that someone buys from AIG Life is for looking after others.

By asking the All Blacks to share who they play for, AIG has a shared story which says customers should think differently about the good they can do too. In the same way that the All Blacks go out and give a selfless performance, when someone buys a life insurance product, it is a selfless act for the people that matter most to them.

All we hope is that the films we share over the coming weeks strike a chord with advisers and customers alike and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be a few more selfless acts as a result.