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At AIG, we know it’s important that you’re always on the top of your game when it comes to product and industry knowledge. And keeping up to date with continuing professional development (CPD) is key too.

Under the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD), there’s a requirement for those involved in insurance distribution to undertake a minimum of 15 hours of CPD. So we’ve made it easy with our AIG webinars.

From product knowledge to CPD and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

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Family Income Benefit
CPD - 35 minutes
Explore the topic of Family Income Benefit cover as we look at financial security, sustaining family lifestyle and what situations could impact on a household’s income stability. It uncovers the need for the product, identifies the role of the cover within a client’s protection portfolio and looks at potential solutions. VIEW
Business Protection - Business Loan Cover
CPD - 35 minutes
Business Loan Protection is arguably the easiest and yet the most undersold type of business protection, and this presentation identifies the need for a company to get this kind of cover, explains how to set it up and explores taxations and special purpose vehicles (SPVs). VIEW
Business Protection - Succession Cover
CPD - 50 minutes
This module provides guidance on how you can help best serve the protection needs of your clients who are business partners or shareholders. In the event of illness or injury, they want the reassurance that their business’ future will be secured - enter Business Succession Cover. VIEW
Objection handling
CPD - 45 minutes
Objection handling is a vital and necessary part of your skill set when dealing directly with clients, and the need to use it is a sign that something has gone wrong in the sales process. This session will help you with strategies for building the appropriate trust, knowledge, empathy and relationships with customers to ultimately overcome objections. VIEW
Smart Health product

The need for virtual health and wellbeing services is more relevant today than ever before. Smart Health offers 24/7 on-demand support to your clients without leaving the comfort of their own home. From online GP appointments to expert fitness and nutrition support, Smart Health lets your clients’ lead healthier lives. Learn about the Smart Health story so far, background and future plans

Beyond the mortgage
CPD - 40 minutes
This module highlights the importance of considering how you, as an adviser, can help clients effectively protect themselves against the impact on their lifestyle with a range of protection solutions. VIEW
Selling life cover on value
CPD - 40 minutes
Selling Life Cover on Value covers how to demonstrate the value when selling in a potential protection solution. The session highlights the fact that price is just one factor in determining the appropriate cover choice for your clients and value should be evident in that solution. VIEW
Enhanced Gift Trusts
CPD - 45 minutes
Delve into the topic of investment-related schemes, legacy gift planning and how to enhance the return available investment bond schemes, using a Whole of Life policy. VIEW
Introduction to Group Protection
Group Protection
CPD - 30 minutes
Gain insight into the Group Risk market by watching this session. We’ll provide an introduction to Group protection and the products that it covers. VIEW
Expert hour: employee mental health in a changing working world
Group Protection
CPD - 60 minutes
In this last year, working life has changed significantly for hundreds of thousands employees. We all face the prospect of a more permanent shift in our working culture. So how is all this change affecting our mental wellbeing? And will this add up to an increase in income protection claims for mental health? Join our panel of experts to hear how employers, advisers and insurance providers can support their employees to navigate these changes in the short and longer term. VIEW
Expert hour: challenging wellbeing clichés in the workplace
Group Protection
CPD - 60 minutes
At AIG Life, we know that wellbeing is about much more than diet and exercise. But every January, the same old health and wellbeing tropes seem to play out in the communications we receive – whether it’s from the media, the brands we follow, or the companies we work for. Join us for a webinar with a panel of experts for a discussion about the real meaning of wellbeing. VIEW
Expert hour on: closing the critical illness gender gap
Group Protection
CPD - 60 minutes
Over half of the female population have never considered protection insurance(1). And when it comes to critical illness, they’re taking out 90% less cover than men (2). So let’s talk about how we can close the critical illness gender gap. Join our expert panellists for a discussion on how we can make critical illness cover more relevant to women. VIEW
How to: give employees confidence with critical illness cover
Group Protection

The individual market has moved on. And it’s time the group market did too. So we’ve brought our game-changing approach from individual CI to the group market.

It’s new. It’s innovative. It’s not like anything you’ve seen before. It’s our broadest ever cover, for the whole family, with multi-award-winning health and wellbeing support plus new and improved product terms. And it’s been given a gold rating by Protection Review.




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(2)FT Adviser