GP appointments for AIG Life customers

Through Smart Health, every customer insured with AIG Life has round-the-clock access to GPs who are on hand to support you with medical concerns, prescriptions or further specialist referral.

As an AIG Life customer, you and your immediate family (partner and children up to the age of 21) get unlimited access to this service at no additional cost – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You’ll just need your policy number to get started.

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Speak to a GP today

You can book a GP appointment in seconds and talk to a registered UK doctor via phone or video call without leaving your home. Visit our Smart Health hub or download the Smart Health app from the App Store or Google Play.

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Travelling abroad

If you have any medical concerns, Smart Health is here to help - our virtual GP service is available wherever you are in the world. For travel advice, visit the visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice page.

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More than just GP services

As well as 24/7 access to GPs and expert medical advice, Smart Health includes other health and wellbeing services, such as fitness programmes, nutritionist consultations and mental health support.

Smart Health Q&As

What is Smart Health?

Smart Health from AIG Life gives customers, employees and their immediate families (including children up to the age of 21) 24/7 unlimited access to a team of health and wellbeing experts, wherever they are in the world.

There are six elements to the service:

  1. Full GP consultations conducted by phone or video. 30 minute appointments, bookable online and resulting in medical advice, private prescription or private referral from a UK GP, as needed. Bookings and consultations are available 24/7.
  2. Expert case management. Specialists review a patient’s current diagnosis and treatment and will either recommend changes or confirm the initial diagnosis and treatment. Phone based opinions sought from a pool of over 50,000 global experts, not just UK specialists, as already provided to AIG Life’s Individual Protection customers through Best Doctors.
  3. Mental health support. Access is available Monday to Friday during business hours for a range of mental health issues. It is triaged through the virtual GP service and delivered by specialist teams through phone consultation. Customers can request either one-off consultations or access to a course of therapy, delivered remotely. 
  4. An online health check. This comes as health management and prevention reports, offering personalised recommendations to optimise health and allow people to take preventative action.
  5. Nutritionist consultations. Customers have access Monday to Friday during business hours to a team of nutritionists, via phone to get advice and support in areas such as weight loss, allergies/intolerances, improved diet and pregnancy, or answers to questions related to specific conditions such as diabetes or cholesterol.
  6. An online fitness programme. Customers can request tailored four or eight week programmes to support weight loss, fitness goals and healthy nutrition. These are delivered by qualified nutritionists with special interests.


How many AIG Life customers are eligible to use the Smart Health service?

All 1.2m AIG Life customers are eligible to use this service. This includes insured employees of group protection schemes in the UK.


How many people have used the service?

Smart Health has been used over 20001 times since its launch in August 2019.


How are people using it?

The GP service is most popular of the six interconnected elements, as over 58%2 have booked a phone or video appointment. Customers tell us they’re using it when they can’t get an appointment at their local surgery, when they can’t take time out of work or when they’re travelling.


Why would you use the GP service provided by AIG Life?

  • Smart Health is a way for AIG Life customers to get information from a UK-registered GP about a medical condition, at a time when their own GP may be facing high demand for their support.
  • Smart Health offers unlimited access to a 24/7 virtual GP as well as a range of other health and wellbeing experts to customers and their immediate family, including children up to the age of 21 at no extra cost. The service includes mental health support, health checks, nutritionist consultations and an online fitness programme, as well as GP services.


How do I access the Smart Health GP service?

  • Search ‘Smart Health GP by AIG’ on the App Store or Google Play
  • Enter your AIG Life policy number or Employer Group scheme code
  • Complete the short ID form
  • You can also visit the Smart Health website once you're set up via


How do I book an appointment?

  • Visit the Smart Health GP app and click ‘request a video consultation’ or ‘request a phone call’
  • Decide when you want the 30-minute appointment – it’s available 24/7
  • If you have an ailment that someone can see, you can also upload photos ahead of your appointment to provide the GP with visual evidence of your symptoms


What happens when I book an appointment?

  • The GP will call you at the agreed time to ask you to describe your symptoms or explain why you are worried
  • They will run through a range of questions linked to your symptoms to advise or make recommendations
  • You can also talk about more than one ailment or medical concern if you have a range of symptoms


What happens if I call worried about the symptoms of coronavirus?

  • The doctor will lead an evidence based discussion asking about your symptoms and recent travel abroad
  • If the symptoms do not support a diagnosis of coronavirus, then the GP will advise/make recommendations accordingly
  • If it does meet the criteria for the virus, then the GP is bound to follow the Public Health England guidelines/framework as you would expect
  • Government advice is to direct people to call NHS 111


How concerned should people in the UK be about coronavirus?

For the latest information, we would encourage you to visit the government’s official website:


1 Teladoc Heath data, February 2020
2 Teladoc Heath data, February 2020


Prescription delivery service via Smart Health


What are you announcing today?

Today we are announcing an innovation to our Smart Health GP service. Customers are now given the option to have their prescription medicine delivered free to their home or an address of their choice.


Who will provide the service?

Signature Pharmacy are the chosen pharmacy partners for the fulfilment and delivery of the prescriptions. They are a UK based online pharmacy regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council who are partnered with Teladoc Health. Signature Pharmacy’s terms and conditions will apply to the delivery.


How much will my prescription cost?

Medicines on private prescriptions are not funded by the NHS and the cost of the medication is paid by the customer. The price of the prescription will vary according to the medication your doctor has prescribed.


How much do I pay to have the prescription delivered?

There is no charge for the delivery of the private prescription medicine. In cases where the medication needs to be refrigerated during delivery however, a charge of approximately £1.50 is applied.


How quickly can I get a private prescription delivered? 

Prescriptions are delivered on the same day in London (when ordered before 3pm). Patients are provided with time slots from the pharmacy partner, and they can choose a time that suits them. Next day delivery is available nationwide (when ordered before 1pm).


Do I have to have my prescription delivered?

The prescription delivery is an option only. Customers can continue to pick up their medicine from their chosen local pharmacy.


How do I know if I should choose the delivery service?

Teladoc Health’s doctors are trained on the delivery service provided by the pharmacy partner. If a medication is clinically urgent, the doctor may not offer the delivery service and instead organise for the prescription to be faxed to a local pharmacy for collection.


Is there a limit to the number of prescriptions I can get?

This is a clinical decision for the consulting doctor. Teladoc Health’s GPs are highly trained individuals who provide patient centred consultations. There is no limit to the number of prescriptions that can be issued, provided the request is within Teladoc Health’s prescribing policy.


Is there a limit to the type of prescription I can get?

The prescription service and the delivery option can’t be used for repeat prescription medicines, unlicensed medication or a range of medications not appropriate to prescribe remotely such as immune suppressants, chemotherapy or anti-psychotic medication.


Are you able to deliver everywhere in the UK?

Signature Pharmacy dispatch all medication to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as the Isle of Man and Channel Islands.


Can I get a prescription for my children?

The service can be used for adults and children. However, there is narrower field of prescription for children via any type of online consultation.


How do I pay for the prescription?

Online payment is made via a link sent by the pharmacy partner. Payment will be requested via the Worldpay service which accepts the following cards and methods:

  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal

Payment is predominantly through a link which is emailed to customers when they select the delivery. Alternatively, customers can call the pharmacy partner who can also facilitate payment over the phone. Signature Pharmacy’s terms and conditions will apply to the payment.

Smart Health is provided to AIG Life Limited customers by Teladoc Health. These services are non-contractual, which means they don’t form part of your insurance contract with us. If our partnership with Teladoc Health ends, the service can be withdrawn at any time without notice.