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Over Fifties Life Plan

Our Over Fifties Life Plan could help cover the cost of your funeral, leave a small legacy for your loved ones and provide a safety net for your family against outstanding debts

As funeral costs rise, people are increasingly planning ahead to ease the financial burden for those left behind. By leaving some money to your loved ones when you die, you can have peace of mind your funeral costs are taken care of.

Why choose an Over Fifties Life Plan?

  • It’s simple, offering guaranteed acceptance
  • It’s quick, providing cover in just a few minutes
  • It’s easy to understand

You may have reached that point in your life where you want the comfort of knowing that your loved ones will not be left with any financial burdens when you die. Whether you want to cover your funeral costs, leave a financial gift, or help with any debts left behind, our plan is the answer.

The Over Fifties Life Plan is guaranteed, meaning that you can get cover without answering any medical questions. You just need to answer a few simple questions and you can be covered in just minutes, giving you and your family the peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Benefits of our cover

Guaranteed – If you are aged between 50 and 85* and live in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar, we guarantee to accept you with no medical questions – you just need to tell us if you smoke (non-smoker rates apply)

Protected benefit – With most life policies, if premiums stop being paid then the policy is usually cancelled and there is no value attached to it. With our Protected Benefit amount however, there is a guaranteed pay out if premiums are no longer paid provided at least half of the premiums due between commencement of the cover and age 90 have been paid; we will simply pro-rata the sum assured in line with the premiums paid

Increasing option – To help protect your cover from the effects of inflation over time, you can choose the increasing option so your cover increases each year in line with Retail Prices Index (RPI), up to a maximum of 10%

Three-times your insurance – In the first two years of your cover, we’ll pay three-times your lump sum if you die from an accident. If you die from any other cause, we’ll refund one and a half times the premium payments already paid to us

Best Doctors – You’ll have access to our valuable expert second medical opinion service, read more

Trusts – Your policy can be written into trust so you can be sure your money goes to the right place

There is no cash in value with this plan.

*Maximum age for smokers is 81

Details of our cover

Minimum age at entry


Maximum age at entry


Monthly premium

Starts from £5

Maximum sum assured


  • Premiums cease at age 90, but your cover continues for the rest of your life
  • Cover options - Level or Increasing (where your cover increases each year in line with RPI, up to a maximum of 10%
  • Full death benefit - payable after two years
  • Cover for one person
*Maximum age for smokers is 81 

Want to know more?

The type and amount of cover that you need in order to provide financial security for your family will depend on your financial situation. It’s up to you to work out how much cover you would need to protect your financial commitments.

We recommend you speak to a financial adviser to find out what and how much financial support you need, as well as deciding which of our products and features suit you. If you don’t already have a financial adviser, you can find one at

Over Fifties Life Plan cannot be purchased direct from AIG.


Over Fifties Life Plan - Key Facts

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