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Our experienced Claims Assessors are here to guide you through your claim and are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

We have a range of additional tools to help make these difficult times a little easier to manage - from helping pay for petrol to and from your appointments or for some extra help around the house, to getting a second medical opinion when it really matters.

Help towards the cost of a funeral

We know it can sometimes be difficult to find the money to pay for a funeral. If we have agreed in principle to pay a claim when someone has died, but we’re still gathering the paperwork to finalise it, we can help ease this worry.

AIG Life will pay up to £10,000 of your claim in advance towards the costs of a funeral. We can pay this direct to a funeral company should you wish us to do so. 

Help towards the cost of services that support you

Our Claims Support Fund is a discretionary fund which provides you with up to £300 towards services that can help you and your family cope with your illness. If you’ve made a claim for life, critical illness, terminal illness, children’s critical illness, Total Permanent Disability or Total Disability, and we’ve agreed that you may have a valid claim, you can use these funds while we’re assessing the claim and processing any paperwork.

The money can help pay for things that will help ease the pressure, such as:

  • Travel and parking costs when visiting hospital for treatment and appointments
  • Wigs and mastectomy bras after cancer treatment
  • Hiring a cleaner after an operation
  • Childcare costs during treatment or while you’re recovering
  • Overnight stays in a hotel if the hospital isn’t nearby
  • Physiotherapy appointments
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Medical alert bracelets, and
  • Vocational courses to help manage a condition in the workplace

There’s no limit to what the Claims Support Fund can help with. Our claims team will help you decide when it’s needed.

This fund is available in addition to your cover, and won’t be deducted from your claim payment. However, if we pay towards these support services, it doesn‘t mean we’ll definitely approve your claim.

Help when looking for a second opinion

If you or a member of your family is diagnosed with a serious illness, we know that you’ll have many questions and will be looking for clear, reliable answers. A second opinion could prove to be invaluable.

Through our partnership with Best Doctors®, you and your immediate family will be able to get a second opinion and recommendations for treatment from world-renowned medical experts – at any time during your policy. This will give you the necessary information to help you make the best decision for you.

Best Doctors can help with a vast range of pre-existing or new medical issues, from migraines to more serious conditions like cancer or heart disease. It doesn’t have to relate to a claim and the service is entirely confidential and independent from AIG.

If you have critical illness insurance, you’ll still be able to use the Best Doctors service for three years following a claim. This will help you with important follow-up support to manage and live with the after-effects of treatment. This extended access is only available to the person covered by the claim, not to family members.

Best Doctors may not be available on all policies. Please contact us if you’re not sure if this is available to you.


Best Doctors is a non-contractual benefit and can be withdrawn at any time without notice. Best Doctors and the star-in-cross logo are registered trademarks of Best Doctors, inc. in the United States and other countries. Used with permission.

Best Doctors Customer Leaflet


Help for bereaved children

We know that the death of a parent or sibling can be one of the most fundamental losses a child will ever face.

Through our partnership with the award-winning children’s bereavement charity Winston’s Wish, bereaved children can receive the specialist support they need to help them rebuild their lives if one of our policyholders dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Winston’s Wish offers the widest range of practical support and guidance in the UK, including online resources, publications, a national telephone helpline, professional face-to-face support and group work.

Anyone making a death or terminal illness claim can use this service – it doesn’t matter when the policy was taken out. ​

Please note that Winston’s Wish is not available with our Whole of Life, Care Cover with Whole of Life or Business Protection products.


Winston’s Wish is a non-contractual benefit and can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Winston's Wish Customer Leaflet

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