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How to use our online system

We make it easy to get a quote, apply for cover and then track and manage your applications – you can do it all online through the AIG extranet. Once you have logged in, you’ll find the whole process easy and intuitive from start to finish.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

The AIG extranet is where you can login to quote, apply, track and manage both your personal and business protection cases. Your can reset your password from the login page. If you’ve forgotten your username, you can request a reminder.

You can create a new quote through any major quote portal (including Iress Exchange, Assureweb or Webline). You can also create a quote directly through our extranet:

or ‘New Quote – Relevant Life’

  • Login to our extranet
  • Depending on the type of quote you want to create, click on either ‘New Quote - Personal’ or ‘New Quote - Business’
  • Add the basic details for the person(s) to be covered under ‘Who is this quote for?’
  • Under ‘Cover selected’ select the type of cover and complete all the options, including:
    • Who the cover is for;
    • The term of the cover;
    • The quotation basis (premium-driven or sum assured);
    • The amount to be covered; and
    • Optional product add-ons (e.g., Total Permanent Disability, Waiver of Premium).

Once you’ve entered all the details, click ‘Quote’ or ‘Save changes’. The total premium will be displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen. We automatically apply a multi-product discount for each additional cover you add within the same application.

It’s easy to amend any aspect of the quote details by using the “add”, “edit” and “remove” buttons.

To retrieve a previous or existing quote, use the ‘search’ tab. This can be found next to the ‘New Quote’ tab at the top of the page.

Note: Cover must be activated within 6 months of a quote being first completed.

Once you are happy with your quote, the online underwriting questions need to be completed as follows:

  • Click ‘Next’
  • Enter the contact details for the person(s) to be covered
  • Add details of the cover owner if relevant (you can select personal or business owner)
  • The person(s) covered will then need to complete the questions about their personal and medical history. Our online system will tailor the questions according to your client’s age, gender, the covers applied for and answers given to previous questions.
  • The owner of the cover (if different) will need to complete the questions about the reasons for cover, the business

You can complete all the questions in one go, or over a number of sessions. You can move freely between the different sections using the navigation pane on the right-hand side of the screen.

Once the underwriting questions are complete, around 60% of our applicants receive an immediate online decision. The decision is displayed on-screen, with a full summary of premiums and details of any non-standard terms applied are available to download. When you’re ready, you can then proceed to payments and activate the cover(s).

We only request GP reports in around 10% of cases. If we do need one for your client, you’ll see the request online straight away (unless the request was made after the case was referred to an underwriter, in which case we’ll send you an email prompting you to login) and you will need to:

  • Enter the details of your client’s GP
  • Download the GPR request documents (this includes the ‘permission to obtain medical records’ form, also known as the AMRA form) received it by logging in and checking the status of the case online.
  • Get your client to sign the permission form
  • Ensure both forms are sent together directly to the GP
  • The GP will then return the report directly to us. We’ll email you when we receive it. Or you can check whether we’ve received it by logging in and checking the status ofthe case online.
  • If we don’t receive the GP report, we’ll chase it and email you to let you know that we’re still waiting for it. You can check when we’ll send the next chaser by logging inand checking the status of the case online.

The request will be displayed on-screen and we will email you. We’ll then complete the request through Medicals Direct or DC Life. They’ll attempt to contact your client three times within seven days.

You can login to our extranet to check whether we’ve received the results and when we’ll send the next chaser. Once the tests are complete, we aim to review the results within two days. Our underwriting decision will then be available for you to view online.

The request will be displayed on-screen and we will email you. Our underwriters will try to contact your client within two days of the request. If no contact is made, we’ll email our additional questions to you so that you can collect the answers on our behalf.

If we request a supplementary business financial questionnaire or copies of trading accounts we will email you, prompting you to login and download the supplementary business financial questionnaire and any other details we need for your client to complete. You can then scan and email it back to us at

You can always check for any evidence that has been requested by logging in and checking the summary screen online.

Our online application system includes online trust forms. Navigate to trusts by clicking ‘Trust Forms (optional)’ in the right-hand column. Once your client has read and agreed to the terms of the Trust, you can then continue to complete the trust details online.

If you are writing a business protection or Relevant Life Insurance case into trust, you can also do it online. You will only need to complete a paper trust form if you decide the cover needs to be written into a business trust after it has been activated.

AIG will not need to see the trust deed before the plan goes on-risk, but you must confirm whether a trust deed has been completed. We will only need to see the original trust deed when a claim is made.

Enter payment details and select the payment date. To proceed, navigate to the Direct Debit screen by clicking ‘Next’ or clicking ‘Direct Debit’ in the right-hand navigation column.

You can then enter your client’s payment details and select a preferred payment date, for example the day after they get paid if you want to minimise the risk of a policy lapsing because there are insufficient funds in their account.

Navigate to Cover Activation using the right hand column. This will take you to a screen where you must complete the Adviser checklist, select a cover start date and complete the Customer Declaration.

If your client has applied for multiple covers, you can select a different start date for each one if you need to. You can then click ‘Activate’.

Note: Unless the terms state otherwise, the cover start date must be within 30 days (if loaded) or 60 days (if STP) of when terms are offered.

If you do not want to start the cover until after this date, you can resubmit the application after 30 days. If your client’s details have not changed, you will need to complete the Declaration of Health. If your client’s details have changed, you will need to update their application appropriately. The application will then be reassessed and we cannot guarantee the same terms will apply. Any new terms will be based on the premium rates and age at the time.

Note: You do not normally need to tell us about any changes in your client’s health or circumstances which have happened since the application was completed. However, if you wish to activate the cover after acceptance terms have expired, or if the application was completed more than 90 days ago, we will ask you to update the application form with any changes to your client’s health or circumstances.

If the application did not receive an immediate decision, we will always email you when any progress is made. You can also check the status of a case online at any time in a few easy steps:

  • Login and use the search function to find your case
  • This generates a list of your cases matching the search terms you used (e.g. surname)
  • The status of each case will be shown as: Quote, Apply or Active
  • Click on the case to display full details about the status and what needs to happen next

You can correct any application errors online in a few easy steps. For example, your client may tell you that they have spotted an error when checking the application details in their policy pack.

  • Login and search for your client’s case
  • Click to select your client’s case from the list of search results
  • Using the navigation panel on the right-hand side of the screen, jump to the section you need to edit
  • A warning message will appear asking you to confirm whether you want to make changes
  • Click ‘Make changes’

When you’ve made and confirmed the changes, we’ll display the outcome immediately. If the case is then referred to an underwriter, the cover will remain in-force on the existing terms until a further decision is made.

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