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Instant Life Insurance

We’ve opened up new opportunities for you to compliment and extend the range of products you can provide to your customers.

Making the journey to life insurance
simple, quick and easy

To make it even easier for you to do business with us, we are offering a new, no-frills, low cost level, indexing or decreasing term instant life product. The application journey can be completed online within minutes any time of day or night by you or your customer. We give an immediate decision based on the answers given to our short qualifying questions – no manual underwriting is involved and no medical evidence will be required. If the customer completes the application, we’ll notify you straight away with the outcome.

Why recommend Instant Life Insurance

We recognise that many of our customers and advisers want simplicity and instant protection when choosing life insurance, which is why we have created our Instant Life Insurance.

Instant Life Insurance insures your customers against death or terminal illness while they’re insured.

  • It’s quick - The application can be completed in just 8 minutes, with no medical evidence needed
  • It’s simple – We have created a customer friendly application which has short qualifying questions, that gives an immediate decision on completion
  • It’s easy – This product has a customer self-apply option available on any device. You just email the link directly to your customer anytime of day or night, and they can complete the application themselves  

Added benefits of the insurance

Included as standard with our Instant Life Insurance:


Limits of the insurance

Minimum age at entry


Maximum age at entry 


Maximum expiry age


Minimum length of insurance 

3 years

Maximum length of insurance 

40 years

Minimum premium 

£3.50 a month

Maximum sum assured 

£600,000 (ages 17-45)
£350,000 (ages 46-55)

Insurance basis

Level, indexing or decreasing

Lives covered

Single life and joint life (1st event)

Literature and support


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Instant Life Insurance Key Facts

Key Facts document

Instant Life Insurance - Underwriting Guide


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