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Over Fifties Life Plan

Our Over Fifties Life Plan can help your customers cover the cost of their funeral, leave a small legacy for their loved ones and provide a safety net for their family against outstanding debts.

Why Guaranteed Over Fifties Plans
are becoming more popular

As funeral costs rise, people are increasingly planning ahead to ease the financial burden for those left behind. By leaving some money to their loved ones when they die, your customers can have peace of mind that their funeral costs are taken care of. 

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Nick Erskine, Head of Intermediary Sales, introduces our new Over Fifties Life Plan


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*Source: (October 2017)

Why recommend an Over Fifties Life Plan

  • It’s simple, offering guaranteed acceptance
  • It’s quick, via a short online application
  • It’s easy to understand

Guaranteed Over Fifties Life Plans are becoming more popular. As funeral costs rise, people want to ensure their families are not burdened with outstanding debts when they die. Until now, guaranteed plans for customers over 50 have usually been sold directly online, through magazine inserts or daytime TV marketing campaigns. We now offer you our new Over Fifties Life Plan to help make it easier for your customers to get the protection they need.

With our Over Fifties Life Plan, your customers can have peace of mind that when they’re gone, their funeral costs could be taken care of, or that they can leave their loved ones a financial gift. 

*Source: (October 2017)

Benefits of our cover

Guaranteed – If your customer is aged between 50 and 85* and lives in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar, we guarantee to accept them with no medical questions – you just need to tell us if they smoke. (non-smoker rates apply).

Protected Benefit – With most life policies, if premiums stop being paid then the policy is usually cancelled and there is no value attached to it. With our Protected Benefit amount however, there is a guaranteed pay out if premiums are no longer paid provided at least half of the premiums due between commencement of the cover and age 90 have been paid; we will simply pro-rata the sum assured in line with the premiums paid.

Increasing option – To help protect your customers cover from the effects of inflation over time, your customer can choose the increasing option so their cover increases each year in line with Retail Prices Index (RPI), up to a maximum of 10%.

Moratorium period – In the first two years, we’ll pay three-times your customer’s sum assured if they die from an accident. If they die from any other cause, we’ll refund one and a half times the payments they’ve already made to us.

Funeral Pledge – We will pay up to £10,000 of the claim in advance towards the cost of a funeral. This can help with any problematic probate issues that may arise and help the family when they need it most.

Best Doctors – Your customers will have access to our valuable expert second medical opinion service, read more.

Trusts – Your customer’s policy can be written into trust online, signature free.

There is no cash in value with this insurance.

*Maximum age for smokers is 81.


*Source: (October 2017)

Limits of the cover

Minimum age at entry


Maximum age at entry


Monthly premium

Starts from £5

Maximum sum assured


  • Premiums cease at age 90, but cover continues for the rest of your customer’s life
  • Cover options – Level or Increasing (where cover increases each year in line with RPI, up to a maximum of 10%)
  • Full death benefit - payable after two years
  • Single lives only

Do not offer your clients the Over Fifties Life Plan as an alternative option if they have previously been declined Life Insurance. For quality assurance purposes we will monitor all applications for the Over Fifties Life Plan. 

*Maximum age for smokers is 81 


*Source: (October 2017)

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