AIG finds customers want to share good news stories


Friday 31 August 2018

The UK life insurance industry must actively promote testimonials, customer feedback and claims payment stories as claimants really want to tell others what a positive difference protection insurance can make to their life, AIG Life has found.

"An increasing number of AIG Life customers are giving consent every week to share their stories in the hope their situation will encourage people to buy life and critical illness insurance," said Sue Helmont, Head of Marketing at AIG Life.

“Customers tell us every week how much they genuinely appreciate the care and empathy we provide when they need to make a claim on their protection insurance,” said Helmont. “It often takes a lot of courage to make that call because they are having such a difficult time, and seem amazed at how supportive we are that they genuinely want to help us in return.

Customers are so appreciative of what a difference we make that we only have to ask and they are happy to tell other people how a paid claim improved their lives. We’re not doctors, nurses or carers doing the really hard work of looking after people in need. But we, the people in this industry, do this job because showing a little empathy and paying claims the customer is due is how we can make someone’s life a little easier.

People who receive a claim are passionate about it too. They want to change the conversation and show that insurers can make a real difference in people’s lives. So let’s help them tell their own stories”

AIG is sharing two stories from customers who have had critical illness insurance claims paid recently.

Ian and Rebecca Brett received a Children’s CI payment as Max, their youngest son, was born profoundly deaf. Max has since had cochlear implants switched on and the Bretts have used the pay-out to, among other things, buy software which makes it easier for Max to hear people when in a crowded room or at a difference from the person speaking.

The second story is from Steve Elliston, who received a CI pay-out after having a quadruple heart bypass. It took all of the stress out for his family as it allowed Steve to pay his mortgage and return to work at a slower pace than he might otherwise have been required to.