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What cookies are used on our UK website?


Cookies are pieces of information stored directly on the device you are using.

We use a number of cookies and tracking technologies on our UK website. Among other things, cookies help us to understand user behaviour, make our website work better and target online advertising.

In detail:

The cookies we use on our UK website are as follows:

Type of cookie

What it does

What data it collects

What we use the data for

Google Analytics

This service provided by Google generates information about what activity is going on when visitors visit our website.

Whether you are a returning visitor, how long you spend on our sites and how you got there.

To improve your website experience by adapting to your needs and providing relevant information.

Geolocation cookies


When a visitor visits one of our sites for the first time we read their location from their IP address and use this information to assume the country site that they want to visit.

This method is not entirely accurate, however, so when they navigate to a particular country site we use this cookie to store this information and to store the language that they chose to view the site in.

Information relating to which country site and language you have chosen to view.

To ensure that you are presented with the same country site and language as you chose on your last visit to our site without needing to re-select these options.

Site catalyst cookies (by Adobe)


This cookie enables us to collect and analyse data about how visitors arrive at our site and then how they interact with our site.

The cookie is placed on a visitor’s device on a temporary basis only.

Information relating to how you arrived at our site and how you interact with it (e.g. content you view, products you search for and steps taken towards a sale).

To adapt our sites to better serve users’ needs and provide more relevant information.

To allow us to undertake anonymous statistical analysis.

DoubleClick cookies


A form of tracking pixel cookie which is stored on site visitors’ devices and tells us whether you have previously visited our site.

The fact that you have previously visited one of our sites.

We use these cookies to know that a visitor has been on our site before which allows us to display an appropriate banner ad on an affiliated network website.

One of the advertisement companies that we use is Google, Inc., trading as DoubleClick. For more information on the DoubleClick cookie, or to opt-out from the DoubleClick advertisement cookie please visit:

Affiliate cookies


A form of tracking pixel cookie which tells us which affiliate website you used in order to get to our site.

The transaction ID (which identifies which affiliate website you came through) and a date/time stamp.

To ensure that affiliates who refer sales to us are credited for this.

Optimost cookies


Optimost is a service provided by Hewlett-Packard to analyse customer behaviour when visiting our site.

The cookie has an anonymous “visitor ID” which is a random number generated to identify a visitor and to distinguish between unique and/or repeat visitors.

To analyse visitors’ interaction with our sites to enable us to test and implement improvements to them.

To view the Optimost privacy policy, please visit:

Oracle cookies


We use the services of Oracle ( to serve a persistent cookie on visitors’ browsers when they first visit our web pages.

This will not be served if you already have an Oracle cookie on your browser through your use of a third party site.

The fact that you have visited our site for the first time and your browsing activity

Your browsing activity on our sites will not be combined with your activity on third party sites which also use Oracle cookies.

To understand which pages of our sites visitors use or do not use so that we can improve the user experience.

For further information, please read the Oracle privacy policy available at



We also use the SessionCam web site recording service.

SessionCam is a product that has been developed by

Information relating to mouse clicks/movement, page scrolls and text typed into forms.

Information is for internal use only.

No bank details or sensitive information is collected.

Information collected is used to improve our website usability and is stored and used for aggregated and statistical reporting.

Session cookies


When you visit our sites, this will associate the current data on the server to you.

Information to identify which pages you have requested to view on our sites.

To improve the performance of our sites and show you the information you want to see.

Security cookies


When you visit our sites, this identifies you and whether you have logged into our site.

Information to identify whether you have logged into our sites.

To ensure that visitors are only able to see their own information and that your information is sent securely to us.

To protect against attacks on our sites.

Application specific cookies


When you visit our sites, this will help with the functionality of our sites.

To confirm where you are on our sites and whether you have previously accepted cookies.

To allow the site to function correctly. 

To improve your experience by only asking you to accept cookies if you haven’t already done so.

Load balancer cookies


These are used to send the visitor to the correct place when they make a request by clicking a link on our sites.

Information about where your previous requests to move to another place on our site were processed.

To improve the performance of our sites and make sure your requests happen smoothly.

Expression Engine cookies

These are used to identify what visitors are viewing within our sites.

This identifies the current user and their use of the site.

To improve your website experience.

Urchin cookies

These are used to enable us to analyse what visitors are using our sites for.

This identifies the current user and their use of the site.

To improve your website experience.

You can refuse to accept the cookies we use by adjusting your browser settings. However, if you do not accept all the cookies on the Site, you may experience some inconvenience in your use of the Site and some online products.

In addition to the cookies mentioned above, cookies may also be placed on your electronic device when you open emails we send to you.  We use these emails to track the effectiveness of our advertising.