Individual Protection from AIG

What Personal Information do we collect and hold?

Summary: The Personal Information we collect and hold depends on our relationship with you.

It will often include information relating to:

  • contact details
  • identification
  • administration of your insurance policy or claim (which may include medical or health information)
  • finance and banking
  • marketing preferences
  • Use of AIG Digital Services.

In detail: The Personal Information we collect and hold about you and other individuals will differ depending on our relationship, including the type of communications between us and the products and services we provide. Different types of Personal Information will be held depending on whether you hold insurance with us or are a claimant, or you have enquired about our services, compared to where you benefit from insurance coverage under an insurance policy taken out by another policyholder

Likewise, we will hold different Personal Information if you are a broker, an agent, a financial adviser, a witness, or another individual with whom we have a relationship. 

As we are in the business of providing insurance, claims handling, assistance and related services, the Personal Information we hold and process, depending on our relationship, includes:


Type of Personal Information


1. Contact information

Name, address, email and telephone number

2. General information

Gender, marital and family status, date and place of birth, and physical characteristics (appropriate to the circumstances), travel plans and pursuits / hobbies

3. Education and employment information

Educational background, employer details and employment history, skills and experience, professional licences, memberships and affiliations, status as company officer or director, or partner, or other ownership or management interest in an organisation

4. Insurance and claim information

Policy numbers, relationship to policyholder, insured, claimant or other relevant individual, injury, disability or death, activity records, and other information relevant to insurance policy issuance, claim assessment and settlement, and information about other insurance held.

5. Government and other official identification numbers

Social security or national insurance number, passport number, tax identification number, driver’s licence number, or other government issued identification number

6. Financial information and account details

Payment card number (credit or debit card), bank account number, or other financial account number and account details, credit history, credit reference information and credit score, assets, income, and other financial information, account log-in information and passwords for accessing insurance policy, claim and other accounts, and AIG Digital Services

7. Medical condition and health status

Current or previous physical, mental or medical condition, health status, injury or disability information, medical diagnosis, medical procedures performed and treatment given, personal habits (for example, smoking or consumption of alcohol), prescription information, and medical history

8. Other sensitive information

Information about religious beliefs, ethnicity, political opinions or trade union membership (for example, if an insurance application is made through a third party marketing partner that is a professional, trade, religious, community or political organization), sexual life and orientation, or genetic or biometric information

We may obtain information about criminal records or civil litigation history (for example, for preventing, detecting and investigating fraud)

Information provided voluntarily to us (for example, preferences expressed regarding medical treatment based on religious beliefs) (where collected in accordance with applicable law)

9. Telephone recordings

Recordings of telephone calls with our representatives and call centres

10. Photographs and video recordings

Images (including photographs and pictures) or video recordings created in connection with our insurance or other business activities, including for claims assessment, administration and settlement, claim disputes, or for other relevant purposes as permitted by law, as well as CCTV recordings captured by equipment on our premises

11. Information to detect, investigate or prevent crime, including fraud and money laundering

Insurers commonly collect, hold and share information about their previous dealings with policyholders and claimants with the intention of the detection, investigation and prevention of fraud, money laundering and other criminal activities

12. Information enabling us to provide products and services

Age categories of individuals to be insured, details of the risks to be insured, prior accident history, history of disputes and civil or criminal proceedings or formal investigations involving you

13. Marketing preferences, marketing activities and customer feedback

Marketing preferences, information relating to competition, prize draw or other promotion entry, or responses to voluntary customer satisfaction surveys

To improve our marketing communications, we may collect information about interaction with, and responses to, our marketing communications

14. Online activity information

We will receive Personal Information about you when you use AIG Digital Services; this may include your social media account identifier and profile picture, your IP address and other online identifiers (to the extent that they are Personal Information), and other Personal Information that you provide to us online

If you choose to connect your social media account provided by another social media service provider to your account on any of the AIG Digital Services, Personal Information from your other social media account may be shared with us, which may include Personal Information that is part of your social media account profile, or the profiles of your friends and other connected individuals

15. Supplemental information from other sources

We and our service providers may supplement the Personal Information we collect with information obtained from other sources (for example, publicly available information from online social media services and other information resources, third party commercial information sources, and information from our group companies and business partners). We will use any such supplemental information in accordance with applicable law (including obtaining your consent where required)