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Since 2012, AIG has also been the major global sponsor and official insurance partner of New Zealand Rugby and the legendary All Blacks and Black Ferns.

This is for Them is our shared story of selflessness. Just as the All Blacks think of their teammates, their family, fans and heroes every time they step on the pitch, our customers are protecting their loved ones and leaving a legacy when they buy life insurance. To join the one million customers we look after, speak to a financial adviser

This Is For Them

The All Blacks live and breathe the philosophy of selflessness and having a responsibility to others. The team have a saying to ‘leave the jersey in a better place,' and we believe life insurance is just as selfless - you’re leaving a legacy to protect the ones you love. This Is For Them is a film which supports the thinking that best things we do in life, we do for others.

Alright...this is it.

Time to show what you're made of. You've earnt this. You deserve to be here. But don't take it for granted. And remember...

This is about so much more than you. This is for the guys you're sitting next to - your brothers. And the 50,000 screaming out there in the rain. This is for your ancestors. This is for your country. And this is for kids in need of role models. This is for the greats...and the ones yet to come. 

This is for your family, the ones you hold so dear. The people that will carry your values forward. And those that will be here when you're gone. So what you do now, and the decisions you make, matter. 

AIG Life protects the lives of over one million people. Speak to your financial adviser about how we could help protect those who matter most to you. 

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Catching up with Kat Darry, All Blacks nutritionist

We caught up with Kat Darry, the All Blacks’ nutritionist, to quiz her on her top tips for ‘food that makes you feel good.’

This is for them: going back to the grassroots

Just like us at AIG, New Zealand Rugby believe that we are at our best when we are thinking of others. When they step on to the pitch, they’re leaving a legacy - just like protection products.

Children looking at All Blacks webinar on a computer screen
Breakfast with world rugby’s finest

It's not every day you can say you had breakfast with the All Blacks, but we were lucky enough to have these bragging rights.

Three All Blacks players celebrating together
The best things we do in life, we do for others

The All Blacks stand for so much more than themselves and live and breathe a philosophy of selflessness. That’s why they’re the ideal voices to share the AIG Life story.

Children in a group in front of an AIG sign
An afternoon with bereaved children and an All Blacks legend

It was our gift to host an unforgettable experience for beneficiaries of children’s bereavement charity, Winston’s Wish. The children, who've lost parents or siblings, enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience.

All Blacks 7s players in a huddle
Preparing to Succeed - 3 Top Tips

Three All Black Sevens players, Scott Curry, Bailey Simonssen and Tone Ng Shiu, gave us the inside scoop on how the All Blacks prepare to perform at their best and stay ahead of the competition.

This Is For Family

Watch to discover and gain an insight into the importance of family for members of the current All Blacks squad.

We all work really hard to make our families proud and hopefully they can see that by our performance. 

Family is everything. My kids. My mum and my dad. My grandparents, they came over from Samoa to set up our lives here. For me, it's remembering that. Hopefully they see someone that's giving it their all and playing to the best of his ability. Hopefully it makes them proud. 

To have my daughter is pretty special.

There's nothing better than going out there and seeing a smile on their face.

I write her name on my hand every time I play, it gives me shivers. 

I may be an All Black, but I'm still Patrick at home. It keeps me grounded.

There's a lot of people who have got me to where I am today. I play for my family.

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