Our shared values


AIG Life and New Zealand Rugby are proud to share a number of synergies which you can view below. You can also read more on our AIG Global sponsorship pages.

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AIG Life and New Zealand Rugby recognise that a successful team is greater than the sum of its parts - they embrace the unique qualities of the individuals within the team and collaborate to meet their common goals. 


For both AIG Life and New Zealand Rugby, a focus on in-depth preparation allows customers and players alike to be prepared to face the future with confidence.


Innovation both on and off the field is crucial in maintaining the smallest of advantages that make all the difference at the end of a gruelling rugby test match as well as in business.


Just as the teams of New Zealand Rugby have a strict safety protocol in place to protect themselves and their opposition, AIG Life are leading the way in risk management to provide a safer and more secure future for our clients.

Global Community

We're proud to share an unmatched longevity, reach and legacy with New Zealand Rugby, whilst remaining grounded in local communities across the globe.