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A morning with the All Blacks Sevens - May 2019

We welcomed the All Blacks Sevens to London as they were preparing to take the world stage in Twickenham for the penultimate stage of the 2019 World Sevens Series. Colleagues and clients from across our Group Protection business joined us to discuss our shared values of leadership, innovation and teamwork - with relevance both on and off the rugby pitch.

Brunch with the All Blacks - November 2018

Brunch with the All Blacks - November 2018

F: So we're here today at the Lensbury to enjoy and celebrate the All Blacks brunch ahead of All Blacks playing England tomorrow at Twickenham; the first time the teams have met in four years. And AIG are proud sponsors of New Zealand Rugby and the All Blacks.

Good morning, everyone!

The game's changed but the rivalries don't and when you're a kid growing up, my dream was to play at Twickenham.

I guess coming from last year, I was just working at a security job and I was pretty happy there, but I guess losing weight was a huge issue for me.

The great thing about the leaders, there's no real such thing as hierarchy; everyone's on the same level whether you've played 100 tests, whether you've played one test.

I run a team so understanding and getting a glimpse as to what makes them so successful with their teamwork, with their preparation, was brilliant and will be going back to my team.

It's a normal thing but talking is the hard thing, especially as men; we don't like to talk so taking that step and creating a group to be able to share my emotions has been massive.

F: It's been so inspiring listening about how they prepare ahead of a match for their mental health and just working together as a team.

It's been a great team day.


Face to Face with the Black Ferns – June 2018

Black Ferns Q&A 2018

We've had a lovely lunch today. It's been fantastic to meet the girls.

The cool thing is, we play different scenarios against each other so whatever comes on tournament, we're prepared for that.

They've made me really excited about women in sport and how that transverses across into the things that we do.

As a leadership group, we went back and actually looked back at what we could have done better in regards to that, so we thought we could've actually come together a bit more as a team.

There are learnings that we can take away in the insurance field which are; how can we get more people involved in what we do? So it's been really, really great to kind of link the two together.

It's been so engaging to get to meet with AIG Life and network with people from out of the industry and also get to meet the Black Ferns and relate with them on a sports to finance level has been amazing and very empowering.



AIG and the All Blacks Sevens – May 2018

All Blacks Sevens answer 3 questions

We're here today for the main event and that's to see the All Blacks Sevens.

You guys are just steeped in so much history. Do you reckon that wearing the All Blacks shirt will give you a little bit more extra pressure?

Every time we put on a black jersey we're expected to win, but for us there's always that internal pressure and not to let each other down. I don't want to let these two guys down when I go out there and play - and all the guys that have played before us as well, because we know that they'll be watching us and expecting us to win as well.

I know you've been playing Sevens for eight years. I think you guys are fairly new to the format?

This is my first ever season of Sevens so coming across from Fifteens, as the guys touched on earlier, it's a completely different sort of game. All in all I'm loving my first season of Sevens and just really grateful to be a part of this team and, yes, really prep well for the upcoming World Cup.

Now, obviously you guys are holders of that so a little bit added pressure on you guys to perform?

Yes, I guess there's a little bit of pressure. We won it last time so I guess we need to back it up.


Sean Fitzpatrick at the Quality Awards June 2018

The AIG Life Quality Awards 2018 with Sean Fitzpatrick, AIG ambassador and former All Blacks captain. We welcomed staff, customers and partners to celebrate another year of our working relationships and applaud the quality of the business we receive from our intermediary partners.

Leadership, Preparation & Teamwork - Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick, AIG ambassador, discusses our shared values of Innovation and Teamwork, and draws upon his experience in a leadership role as a former All Blacks captain.

Sean Fitzpatrick on Winning

Former All Blacks captain and AIG ambassador Sean Fitzpatrick talks to the attendees of the AIG Quality Awards 2018 on his experiences of success and winning and how these can be translated into the business world.