Who is AIG Life

Life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection and keeping people happy and healthy. That’s what we do. It might not mean much to you now but we help people when they need us most.

Who we are?

We’re AIG Life – the UK life insurance arm of Corebridge Financial.

As AIG Life, we work in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Gibraltar. But enough of the boring stuff, that’s not why you’re here.

We’re experts in what we call ‘protection’ – that’s life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. When someone dies, becomes seriously ill or can’t work because they’re injured or they’re too sick – we’ve got their back. Consider us your safety net. If life throws you a few curve balls, we’ll be there to catch you with financial support and award-winning health, wellbeing and lifestyle support. We do the same for businesses too.


Why choose AIG Life?

We don’t want insurance to be a piece of paper in your drawer, or an email that’s filed away only used if you need to claim. Aside from the obvious benefits of a financial pay out if something happened, we want your insurance to be something you can use every day. Not just some day.

We want to help you be at your best. That’s why all of our insurance comes with Smart Health. It’s 24/7 access to GP appointments, expert mental health support, fitness plans, nutrition plans and more. There’s no added costs and your partner and children can make the most of all of it too.

And we’re an insurance company that wants to pay claims. It’s why we’re here. To us, each claim paid is a promise we’ve kept. We paid 95% of all claims in 2022.


Additional benefits of AIG

Two children carving pumpkins
Winston's Wish

Winston’s Wish is a national charity available to anyone. But we’re proud partners and we support the amazing work they do.

Life insurance is there to make sure your clients’ families are financially secure should the worst happen. But what about the emotional impact their death could have? Especially when it comes to children. That’s where Winston’s Wish come in.

Winston’s Wish offers a wide range of practical assistance and guidance in the UK, including online resources, publications, a national telephone helpline, professional face-to-face support and group work.

Two doctors walking up stairs
Best Doctors®

With AIG, you’ll get access to Best Doctors for invaluable second medical opinions. Their expertise helps you and your family get the right diagnosis, treatment and care.

This service is not available for employee benefits policies.

Smart Health

Meet Smart Health - the health and wellbeing service from AIG, designed with your physical and mental wellbeing in mind. Whether you need to talk to a registered UK GP or want to get some hints and tips from a nutritionist, you’ll be able to chat to a professional 24/7, 365 days a year and from anywhere in the world - all at no additional cost. There’s no cap on how many times you can use it, and your partner and any children up to age 21 can take advantage too.


Smart Health is a non-contractual benefit that could be changed or withdrawn in the future. Winston's Wish is a national charity that is accessible to anyone regardless of their insurance policy. The service is available even if a policy ends.

RedArc support service

We believe in giving more than just financial assistance. That’s why our Group Critical Illness claimants and their families are offered RedArc’s critical illness service.

With RedArc, each claimant has a dedicated personal nurse adviser who can help them for as long as they need, providing expert advice and long-term emotional support.

This service is only available with Group Critical Illness.