Protecting people: the group protection products AIG offers

Group life, income protection and critical illness cover are valuable parts of an employee benefits package. 

Group Life Insurance explained

Group life insurance provides financial assistance to the beneficiaries of an employee who has died.

No one likes to think of the worst happening. But, having financial support in place for their families can help in the most difficult times. That’s why group life insurance is our most popular group insurance product.


Group Income Protection insurance

The last thing you want your employees to worry about is the devastating effect illness could have on their finances. With group income protection insurance as a core employee benefit, you give your staff long term financial security so they can fully focus on their health. We will provide support for both you and your employees to help get them back to work.

Our group income protection provides a replacement income (up to 80% of current salary) for employees who are unable to work for a prolonged period due to an illness or injury. Payments continue for a set period that you decide, such as five years, or until state pension age.

Group Critical Illness insurance

If an employee suffers from an illness covered by the policy, our group critical illness provides them with a lump sum benefit.

You can select to have cover for a core list, and a longer list that includes an additional 29 illnesses. We can also add cover for total permanent disability to either option.

Why buy group protection products


Unsure if group protection offerings are worth the cost to your business? Consider the following ways these packages can add value to your workplace:

  • Employee benefits drive talent retention and recruitment. In the current market, top talent is at a premium. When it comes to finding and keeping high-performing employees, offering a competitive package of benefits to the employee is a must. Group life insurance is an easy way to add to a benefits portfolio that attracts and retains the best people.
  • Automatic protection provides unique value. Life assurance and other group benefits do not usually require any medical questionnaires or screening, offering cost-controlled coverage for employees who might not otherwise benefit. By purchasing a group protection plan, you’ll provide a degree of financial security to your employees and their families that they may not have easy access to elsewhere, inspiring loyalty and gratitude.
  • Packages include support services. With a group income protection insurance policy in place, you can support employees who are absent from work. Many policies provide easy access to third-party employee assistance programmes, including services such as legal information, counselling, financial advice or one-on-one support, all at no extra cost.
  • Administration and management is minimal. Group protection policies don’t require much in the way of maintenance, allowing you to focus on other responsibilities which require your attention. Once set up, you’ll only need to provide routine membership data a few times a year at most. And, to make things even easier, the majority of our policies are administered online.

  • Use benefit features for employee engagement.  Reminding your employees about the many benefits available to them can help your employees feel valued, increase buy-in, and promote recruitment.

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If you’re an employer and want to find out more about the products available, policy administration, and how to make a claim, please visit our Employers page.


If you’re an employee and want to know how these benefits will work for you, please visit our Employees page.