How to buy our insurance products

We have two types of customer at AIG. The individual who buys insurance in case something happens to them, and the employer who buys insurance for their employees, or to protect their business. Whoever you are, we make it quick and easy to apply for our insurance products.

If you’re looking to provide financial security for either your family, your business, or your employees, our insurance products can help you get there.

It’s always a good idea to think about individual situations, for yourself or your employees, as this will help you decide the type and amount of insurance you’ll need.

That’s where a financial adviser or an employee benefit consultant comes in. They’re able to help you decide how much cover you need - and which of our products and features suit your circumstances best.

How you buy insurance depends on your situation: 

If you’re buying insurance for yourself

If you’re buying Business Protection, or Relevant Life insurance

If you’re buying insurance for your employees