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YourLife Plan

​YourLife Plan can be tailored to meet your specific needs by choosing the right combination of products.

YourLife Plan provides financial and practical support for you and your family when:

  • You die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness;
  • You or your children are diagnosed with a critical illness; or
  • You are too ill or injured to work or need to take time off work to look after your children.

​Term assurance is perhaps the simplest type of life insurance – it pays out if you die. AIG also covers you if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness – and unlike other providers, we will consider a claim for terminal illness up until the last day of the policy.

Having term assurance could be vital to maintaining your family’s financial stability if you were to die and no longer able to support them.

YourLife Plan Term Assurance Key Facts

YourLife Plan Term Assurance Key Facts

Key Facts document

Critical illness cover pays out if you die or suffer a serious or terminal illness. Depending on how much you choose to insure, the payout could allow you to cover your family’s financial needs, pursue a less stressful lifestyle while you recover, secure your home or simply give you peace of mind in adverse times.

In total, Critical Illness Cover with Term Assurance covers 102 conditions and operations, and we’ve made sure the ‘big four’ conditions – cancer, heart attack, multiple sclerosis and stroke - along with another 12 of the most critical conditions, are covered by definitions that go beyond the ABI’s standard.

More cover for children

We automatically cover any children you have now or in the future – as standard. Our enhanced children’s critical illness cover allows a parent to claim up to 50% of the value of their policy, up to a maximum of £35,000, if their child is diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses we cover. We also include ten additional child-specific conditions such as cystic fibrosis, Down’s syndrome and spina bifida*. We also double the total payment, up to a maximum of £70,000, if curative or stabilising treatment is only available overseas and pay £10,000 as a child life cover benefit if your child dies during the term of the cover. We aim to make life easier, so if a child is diagnosed with a terminal illness we’ll pay the child life cover benefit early.

Pregnancy Cover

In addition, we will pay a pregnancy cover benefit of £5,000 if the person covered suffers from a defined complication during pregnancy.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the Cover Details for full definitions.
YourLife Plan Critical Illness With Term Assurance

YourLife Plan Critical Illness With Term Assurance

Key Facts document

If an illness or injury prevents you from working, income protection can provide an essential safety net by paying a replacement income, while helping you get back into the workplace earlier with a range of rehabilitation support services.

The maximum monthly benefit is based on your pre-tax annual income as follows: 60% of the first £30,000, 55% of your pre-tax annual income between £30,000 to £100,000 and 45% of the remainder then divided by 12.

Some of our benefits include:

Early intervention support

Our early intervention rehabilitation support services could help you from the moment you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, by providing assistance during the deferred period to speed up your recovery and return to the workplace. We also recognise that hospital stays can be lengthy and costly. So to help you cope, our hospitalisation benefit will pay you £100 per night after the first 6 nights, for every night you need to stay in hospital during the deferred period, up to a maximum of 90 nights.

Help getting back to work

Most people want to get back to work, but waiting lists or treatment costs can hold them back. You can claim an additional three times your monthly benefit towards advice or services with our recuperation benefit, for example physiotherapy to help you get back to work sooner.

Support for families

If your child or spouse becomes seriously ill, this could put a huge strain on your family finances. To help you care for them or pay for help towards care so you can continue working, our family carer benefit could pay you a monthly benefit of up to £1,500 for up to 12 months.

Supporting you when the worst happens

If you suffer from one of the six traumatic illnesses or conditions we cover, we will pay six times the monthly benefit amount through our trauma benefit as a lump sum or £50,000, whichever is lower. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 12 months to live, with our terminal illness benefit we will waive the deferred period and pay 12 times the monthly benefit upfront, as one lump sum. We also pay a lump sum death benefit of £10,000 if you were to die.

Read our key facts to find out more:

Income Protection Key Facts

Income Protection Key Facts


Family Income Benefit is also life insurance but pays your family a regular monthly income to help pay the bills if you die, rather than a large lump sum. ​

YourLife Plan Family Income Benefit Key Facts

YourLife Plan Family Income Benefit Key Facts

Key Facts document

​Every policy also includes Best Doctors and Winston’s Wish for you and your immediate family.

Add-on options

For extra protection, you can ask us to include the following add-on options (for a small extra amount) to make sure your insurance keeps going should you become too ill to work:

  • Total Disability is unique to AIG. It can be added to your critical illness policy to provide an element of income protection (if you’re too ill to work for more than 26 weeks), which could pay a monthly benefit before you became incapacitated*.
  • Total Permanent Disability can be added to critical illness to provide protection in the event of you becoming unable to work ever again, in which case your policy would pay out the full value of the policy.
  • Waiver of Premium: if you were ill for a period of time and unable to work, we could cover the cost of your premiums while you are receiving payments from us.

​The type and amount of insurance that you should have in order to provide financial security for your family will depend on your financial situation. It’s up to you to work out how much insurance you would need to cover financial commitments such as your mortgage, household bills and living expenses.

We recommend you speak to a financial adviser to find out what and how much financial support you need, as well as deciding which of our products and features suit you.

*If the disability then becomes permanent, we will pay the remaining sum assured of the policy.

Want to know more?

YourLife Plan cannot be purchased direct from AIG. We recommend you speak to a financial adviser to find out what and how much financial support you need, as well as deciding which of our products and features suit you best. If you don’t already have an Independent Financial Adviser, you can find one at

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