Online GP appointments: how they work

The doctor will see. Whenever you like.

When you need a doctor, you need a doctor.  You want to know you can talk to someone whenever you need to. Even if it’s outside of the nine to five.

The Smart Health GP service has a satisfaction rating of 4.8/51, pretty impressive for online and telephone appointments. No need to take time off work, no need to leave the house, and no need to rush as Smart Health appointments are 30 minutes.

Here’s how it works

Book an appointment

Use the Smart Health app or head to the Smart Health website to book your appointment. You can choose a phone or video call, and they’re available day or night, wherever you are in the world. You’ll just need your policy number or scheme code the first time you get started.

Share some details

If you like, you can give a few details about the reason for your appointment so your GP can take a look beforehand. You can even share pictures if you think the doctor will need to take a look at something to help them with a diagnosis.

Choose your time

Pick a time that fits in with your busy schedule. Early mornings, middle of the night, or even at the weekend – it’s completely up to you. Appointments are available 24/7.

Talk to a Smart Health GP

Your Smart Health doctor will video call or phone at the time you’ve chosen. You’ll have a 30 minute appointment and can talk to them about as many problems as you like. They’ll ask you questions to get to the bottom of what the issue might be – then decide on the best way forward.

54% of people who used a Smart Health GP actually stayed home following their appointment1. Meaning their problem was sorted or they chose for their prescription medicine to be delivered straight to their front door2.

Put yourself back in control

After your appointment you can keep revisiting your medical notes in the app – and have them sent to your GP if you’d like. So whether you need a course of antibiotics, a specialist referral or just to put your feet up and rest, you’re back in control of your health and wellbeing.


1 Smart Health customer data, Teladoc Health, July 2023
2 Prescription delivery service is only available in the UK

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GP appointments at the click of a button

You can speak to a doctor online or via the Smart Health app without leaving the comfort of your own home. It’s quick and easy, just choose a time that’s convenient for you.

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Make smart health choices

All AIG Life policies come with access to Smart Health. Find out how to get the financial protection you need and start making the most of a 24/7 online GP.

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“Talking to a doctor is quick and easy. Our highly experienced GPs are available to listen to your concerns and advise on the best course of treatment, whatever the time of day or night.”

Farshad Mimeh, expert medical opinion – clinical director, Teladoc Health