Online health checks designed by a team of experts

Online health checks can help you be your best.

They’re simple, quick and easy and can support you in leading a healthier life by giving you personalised advice. If you want to find out what you could be doing to be healthier or have some more specific concerns, an online check-up is a great first step in taking control of your health.

The smart way to check your health

As an AIG customer, you have access to an online health check that’s been designed by a team of specialists through Smart Health. By completing an online questionnaire, you’ll receive a tailored report to help you reach your individual health goals.

With Smart Health, you’ll gain awareness of your things like your Body Mass Index (BMI), your cardiovascular risk profile, available tests and screening programmes, and much more.

You’ll then receive personalised medical, dietary and lifestyle recommendations and some proactive steps to help you take control of your health. Helping you to form healthy habits not just now, but into the future too. And as there’s no limit to the number of checks you can get, why not have a check-up every year and track your results? Then make the most of the other Smart Health services so you can live a happy, healthy life.

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Live healthily

Smart Health online health checks are designed by a team of experts. Complete a quick questionnaire to find out how we can support you in leading a healthier lifestyle.

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Make smart health choices

Find out how to access Smart Health if you’d like a bespoke report supporting you in taking control of your health that offers proactive steps to manage your lifestyle.