Nutrition plans and advice

Tailored nutrition plans designed by a team of nutritionists

A balanced diet can help you feel your best. Inside and out.

That means eating a wide variety of foods and the correct portion sizes to maintain a healthy body weight1. Giving your body the right fuel will lower the risk of heart attack2 and other major illnesses, all while improving your mood and giving you more energy to keep active.

But with more diets and different fads than you can count on your hands, knowing how to eat well isn’t always as straight forward as getting your five a day. Nutrients, vitamins, carbs, protein, macros – it can all get very confusing. And that’s where Smart Health can help, supporting you whatever your dietary requirements.

Healthy eating with expert advice

With Smart Health, you get a team of expert nutritionists at your fingertips. You’ll receive tailored weekly plans and menus designed for your needs to keep you eating and feeling well. Whether you need advice on general healthy eating or support with more specific advice, our nutritionists are on hand.

We can help you if you’re vegetarian, vegan, need help managing cholesterol or portion sizes and much more. It’s available to your partner and children up to the age of 21 too, so you can eat well with all the family.

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Tailored nutrition plans

Our nutrition plans are designed by a team of experts to keep you eating healthily. Get advice tailored for your specific dietary needs and goals with weekly menus and plans to keep you on the right track.

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Make smart health choices

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