Expert mental health support

Mental health support from a team of specialists

Looking after your mental health is key to making sure you lead a happier, healthier life

Whether you exercise, enjoy a hobby or simply like spending time with your loved ones, having a way to switch off is so important for your mental wellbeing.

Talk to an expert about your mental health

Making sure you’re feeling mentally well is easy with Smart Health. If you or your family need someone to talk to, our team of qualified Mental Health experts are on hand for confidential support.               

Whether you need help coping with stress, anxiety, depression or you’re just not feeling yourself, Smart Health can help. You can benefit from up to four therapy sessions with a psychologist who’ll work with you to recommend the right coping strategies for you and your needs.

Help and support is also available for your partner, and children up to the age of 21, so if it’s children’s or teenage mental health you’re worried about, we’re here for you.

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Specialist support

Get support from a team of mental health specialists with up to four therapy sessions. Then let the experts work with you to recommend the best coping strategies personalised for your needs.

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Make smart health choices

Find out how to access Smart Health so you can look after your mental wellbeing.