Income Protection

Income protection insurance offers financial support against loss of earnings due to illness or injury. It is the most important insurance your client should have - around one million workers a year are unable to work due to prolonged sickness or injury,* yet many people have never even considered what they’d do if they couldn’t work because of long-term illness or injury. For most people, experiencing a sudden loss of income due to illness or injury could be devastating for them and their family.

*Source: ABI, 2019

Why recommend AIG's Income Protection

Sometimes, it’s the little differences that matter most.

AIG’s Income Protection covers a wide range of customers who apply for income protection, including former cancer sufferers, those living with diabetes and house persons. It’s only fair that as many customers as possible have access to insurance, so we regularly look at how medical advancements can help us help your clients.

If your clients are self-employed and looking for cover, we’ve made the process of applying for income protection easy. Our online system can quickly assess most of these applications and we have straightforward philosophies in place - we use the personal taxable income and provide clear guidance throughout the application process.

We pay out in ways that help

We’re here to help you recommend the most suitable income protection for your clients.

We think it’s important to offer the most suitable form of support for sensitive scenarios, and that’s why we give your clients these lump-sum benefits.

  • Trauma benefit: If your client suffers one of the six trauma conditions and operations we cover, we’ll pay six times their monthly benefit amount as a lump sum, up to a maximum of £50,000.
  • Terminal illness: When a terminal diagnosis means your client has less than 12 months to live, we’ll waive the deferred period and make an immediate lump-sum payment of 12 times the monthly benefit.
  • Death benefit: If your client dies, we will make a single £10,000 payment.

Supporting families

Serious illness or injury to a family member can put a big strain on a family’s finances. If your client’s partner or children need care or extra support, our family carer benefit could pay up to £1,500 a month for up to 12 months. The payments offer your client the option to hire a carer or to stop work in the short-term to look after their loved one.

Protecting your clients' earnings

We know that your clients’ earnings can change and fluctuate, but protecting their level of income is important when it comes to protecting their current lifestyle.

 Our income replacement guarantee means that if they were working at least 16 hours a week before they had to stop work, and their monthly benefit is equal to £1,500 or less, we’ll pay the benefit in the cover summary. That means if your clients earn less at the claim stage than they did when they took out their policy, they’ll never dip below our £1,500 threshold.

We help your clients get back to work

At AIG, helping your clients get back into the workplace earlier is at the heart of what we do, and our range of rehabilitation support services help support this.

  • Rehabilitation support: Our early intervention rehabilitation support services help your clients from the moment they are unable to work due to illness or injury. We’ll provide assistance during the deferred period, and will source specialist providers to suit your client’s needs.
  • Recuperation benefit: We’ll pay for services requested by your client that could improve or maintain their health and help them return to work - it could range from physiotherapy or counselling through to help travelling to work. Your client could receive an additional payment of up to three times their monthly income protection benefit with no deferred period.
  • Hospitalisation benefit: To help clients cope with long, expensive hospital stays, we’ll pay them £100 per night after the first six nights (up to a maximum of 90 nights).
  • Proportionate benefit:Returning to work sometimes means a lower salary or fewer hours. We’ll continue to pay a benefit until your client’s post claim income matches their pre claim income.

Additional benefits of AIG

Two doctors walking up stairs
Smart Health

From on-demand consultations with UK based GPs, to Best Doctors - the expert case management service with the world’s top medical specialists, our Smart Health service is a convenient way to connect your customers to tools that help them to manage their health and wellbeing from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Two children painting with their hands
Winston's Wish

We all know that life insurance is there to support your loved ones should the worst happen, but at AIG, we know that there’s more to it than just financial protection. Winston’s Wish – the UK’s leading child bereavement charity – help children get the support they need in the event of losing a parent or sibling.

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Smart Health

From on-demand consultations with UK based GPs to second medical opinions from Best Doctors®, our Smart Health service is a convenient way to connect your clients to tools that help them manage their health and wellbeing. It’s available 24/7, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world and can also be used by their partners and children up to age 21, all at no additional cost.

Smart Health is a non-contractual benefit that could be changed or withdrawn in the future.


Smart Health is provided to AIG Life Limited customers by Teladoc Health. We want to let you know that these services are non-contractual, which means they don’t form part of the insurance contract with us. If our partnership with Teladoc Health ends, these services could be changed or withdrawn in the future.

Winston's Wish is a national charity that is accessible to anyone regardless of your insurance policy. The service is available even if your policy ends.

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