Group Protection Claims

If you need to make an AIG Life group risk policy claim on behalf of a client, just follow our simple guide below to get started.

Group policies

It’s simple to make a claim. Just download our group life claim form, fill this in, and send back to us by email to

Our dedicated team will support you through the claims process. So, if you do have any questions, please call us on 0330 303 9973.

How we pay group life claims

  • Via Zedra Governance Ltd (Zedra). If the policy is in the AIG Group Master Trust or the Excepted Life Trust, the lump sum will be paid to Zedra, the professional trustees who oversee both trusts. They will contact the employer, next of kin and legal representative(s), collect information about the personal circumstances and arrange payment to the most appropriate beneficiaries. If a nomination of beneficiary form has been completed, this will be taken into account by the trustees, however, it is important to remember it is not binding.
  • Via the scheme trustees. If the policy is not in the AIG Master Trust or Excepted Life Trust, we will pay the money to the scheme trustees via the trustee bank account detailed on the claim form.
  • To the beneficiary directly. For registered schemes, if the trustees do not have a trustee bank account and would like the benefit to be paid directly to the beneficiary, they must fill out this form and email this to, along with the claim form. If there is more than one beneficiary, a form must be completed for each person
  • To the sponsoring company. If a registered scheme is set up under a standalone trust, and trust rules allow, we can pay directly to the sponsoring company. If this is required we will need a declaration to be completed, which we will send you. We may also ask to see a copy of the trust deed.

Useful downloads

How we handle death claims

This explains how AIG handle death claims.

Download Updated 04 Oct 22
Group Life Claim Form

This form can be completed on-screen or printed off and completed by hand.

Download Updated 29 Jun 23

How to make Group Critical Illness claims

Our game-changing approach to group critical illness cover gives employees a tax-free sum of money if they fall seriously ill and are diagnosed with a specified condition. Really, it’s about relieving money worries as quickly as possible, to help them feel confident about their financial future. Leaving them to focus on what matters: their recovery.

You can call us directly on:

0330 303 9973

or View claims process

We’re here to help

We're open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, except UK bank holidays.

After you’ve got in touch, we’ll send you two claim forms - one for you as the employer and one for the employee. Once these are completed and returned, we’ll guide you through the rest of the process.

Any information you provide will be used in accordance with our Privacy Notice. This sets out how we use yours and the benefitting employee’s personal information, how we keep this secure and who we may share this with, the data protection rights available you, and who to contact in the event of any queries.

How to make Group Income Protection claims

For Interact or Sick Pay policies, simply get in touch with us to let us know about the absent employee.

You can call us directly on: 0330 303 9973
Or email on:

We’re here to help 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, except UK bank holidays
Please get in touch as soon as possible and no later than the fifth week of absence. We will then send you two claim forms - one for the employer and one for the employee to complete.

Once we are notified of an absence on an Interact or Sick Pay policy, absent employees can benefit from tailored vocational rehabilitation.

Our approach to handling employee absences is built on the established premise that the earlier we can support an employee, the better the outcomes will be for them. That’s why we will help an employee back to work as soon as possible, rather than wait until the deferred period has expired.

How are absences reported?

Once we’re notified of an absence we will explain the vocational rehabilitation process. We will determine the employee’s eligibility for the insurance cover and if eligible, obtain the employee’s personal and contact information, together with any additional information about the reason for absence. We will always contact the employer first. You can view our vocational rehabilitation flow, on the link below.

We have partnered with Proclaim Care, one of the UK’s leading rehabilitation specialists, to offer the vocational rehabilitation service. You can learn more about Proclaim Care and the service using the link below.

If you have an Interact or Sick Pay policy, please tell us no later than the fifth week of an employee’s absence, or ideally sooner if possible.

You can call us directly on: 0330 303 9973
Or email on:

Useful links

Vocational rehabilitation process

A vocational rehabilitation process chart.

Download Updated 01 Jun 21

Get help and information from AIG

In addition to making a Group Protection policy claim with AIG, clients and their employees can also get access to a range of help and information. These include details of support services they could access as part of the policy, as well as some useful links to independent support and advice websites.

Client support