How to: highlight the added value of group protection through Smart Health

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David Wheatley, Head of Regional Accounts

Friday 06 January 2023


Remember when group protection products only provided financial support? Those days are long gone – now you’d do well to find a product that doesn’t provide access any value added services. Health and wellbeing, vocational rehab, employee assistance programmes – it’s hard to see the wood through the trees.

Group protection products are used to protect employees financially and meet the different needs of your clients. But, it’s definitely worth considering the added value they can bring.

And with any AIG group protection products your clients’ people – and their families1 – get access to the award-winning Smart Health at no extra cost. And it’s award-winning for a reason. Around the clock access to GP appointments, confidential mental health support from a team of expert psychologists, nutrition and fitness plans, health checks and second medical opinions – what’s not to love?

Used over 50,000 times2, employees are making the most of it. Here’s how you can too.

The why

Your clients have a duty of care to look after their people. And first and foremost, group protection looks after employees financially when they need it most. But nine in ten businesses believe they have a responsibility for looking after the health and wellbeing of their employees3 too, and as their adviser you could help them make the right decision.

SMEs actually ranked mental wellbeing as their top priority. And employees now expect these extras from their companies’ too4.


“It was an absolutely amazing experience, I got more from the four sessions with my Smart Health counsellor than I did in four years of weekly therapy.” – Louise, Smart Health customer


The how

It’s simple. Talk about Smart Health as early as possible with your clients. Don’t leave it as an afterthought – it’s an important piece of the puzzle that employers want to know about.

Once you’ve identified the right group protection product for your clients’ needs’, here’s a few questions you could follow up with:

“Employees want health and wellbeing support from their employers4. Is around-the-clock access to GP appointments, mental health support, fitness and nutrition plans and more something you think your people would benefit from?”

“One of the top ranked benefits employees are looking for these days is mental health support3 – would access to free mental health support from a team of specialists for your people, their partner and children up to the age of 21 be something they’d see value in?”

“As a business do you want to attract and retain your top talent? Smart Health gives your employees and their families1 access to a range of health and wellbeing tools to help you do exactly that.”

The opportunities

There’s endless opportunities to let your clients and potential clients know about Smart Health.

  • Inception
  • Data request
  • Claim stage
  • Rate review
  • New employees joining the business

Why not make the most of these opportunities and shout about the award-winning support your clients’ people have – or will have – access to with any AIG group protection product. It’s also worth asking who’s best to talk all things Smart Health with at the employer – is it the HR team? Head of Wellbeing? Internal communications? They’ll be able to help build future processes and let their employees know how to stay happy and healthy with Smart Health.

The business benefits

Not only is Smart Health good for your clients and their employees – it’s good for your business too. It’ll make you stand out from the competition and show how much you care about your clients and their people.

If your clients’ employees’ are making the most of Smart Health, they’re going to be happier and healthier – meaning your clients will be happier too. Group protection products with Smart Health can also help attract and retain the top talent, all meaning stronger relationships and a better chance of winning more business.

Over to you

So with employees expecting health and wellbeing support from their employers, and employers wanting to provide them, it’s over to you.

Start talking about Smart Health and see for yourself just how beneficial it can be. It’s simple, easy and all available on one app.

If you want to know more about our award-winning Smart Health, or how you can use it to help your business, get in touch with the team or check out the Smart Health toolkit on our website.

Smart Health is provided to AIG Life Limited customers by Teladoc Health. We want to let you know that these services are non-contractual, which means they don’t form part of the insurance contract with us. If our partnership with Teladoc Health ends, these services could be changed or withdrawn in the future.


1 Smart Health is available to insured employees, their partner, spouse and their children up to the age of 21
2 Smart Health usage data June 2022, Teladoc Health
3 Aon UK Benefits and Trends Survey, 2021
4 GRiD, Group Risk Benefits Survey, 2021

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