Vocational rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation helps employees to get back to their best.

It combines expert advice with practical treatments, working towards one goal: supporting employees back to work following an illness or injury.

The vocational rehabilitation service is included with our group income protection insurance at no additional cost, with AIG paying for all support and treatment.

Our expert partner Proclaim Care

Vocational rehabilitation is delivered by our partner Proclaim Care. Their rehabilitation specialists have a wealth of experience supporting employees. They help employees to return back to working life with a plan that’s personal to their needs.

We’re proud to work with Proclaim Care. Here’s why:

  • They’re one of the UK’s largest independent rehabilitation providers, with over 20 years of experience
  • They’re specialists in early intervention services
  • They provide employer training on absence management
  • All vocational rehabilitation specialists are dual trained in physical and mental health
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The rehabilitation process

Employees can be referred to vocational rehabilitation as soon as their employer thinks they’re likely to be off work for a prolonged amount of time. And in fact, the sooner referral is made the better. So we ask employers to let us know about an employee absence as quickly as possible, and this should always be within the first five weeks of absence.

New referrals start with a discussion with either the HR lead or the referring manager, as well as a conversation with the employee. This means the rehabilitation specialist can understand the employee’s condition and anything that could affect their return to work.

The specialist then puts together a rehabilitation plan focused on getting the employee back to work safely. They’ll keep the HR lead or referring manager in the loop as the plan progresses. And they’ll continue to stay in touch once the employee is back at work, making sure the return is a success.  

Find more details in our process chart.


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Referral and signposting

Rehabilitation specialists make sure that employees are getting the best possible support. At the initial referral, they’ll talk to the employer about benefits and support services that may be available to the employee, including private medical insurance and occupational health. They’ll then make sure the employee is signposted to all of the treatments that will help them get better, which may include NHS or charity services too.

Proclaim Care’s specialists are experienced at working alongside occupational health. They’ll be in touch with the occupational health team throughout the rehabilitation period, making sure everyone is working in unison to support the employee to return to work.

Take a look at our case studies to see how vocational rehabilitation brings together the right support for employees. 

Read our case studies

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Mental health specialists

Mental health made up over 40% of our vocational rehabilitation referrals in 20201. We want all employees to get the best possible mental health support — that’s why we make sure that these cases are handled by mental health specialists.

We have access to the full range of talking therapies. These are recommended for use when there’s a gap between the start of NHS or privately accessed therapies. In the case of trauma, we work with specialist CBT providers.

You can find our mental health pathway below, explaining the full range of mental health support we provide to both employers and employees.

1Source: AIG Life UK and Proclaim Care 2020 referral data

Find out more in our mental health pathway

A bespoke service for larger clients

We know that managing absence is an important consideration for your larger clients, and they may have a higher volume of referrals for rehabilitation and claims cases.

Our group income protection supports your clients with their absence management processes. We’ll work with key stakeholders to understand the absence process, and make sure the group income protection policy meets their needs.

Examples of how we help larger clients include:

  • Implementation meetings, to understand the company, what they need from a group income protection policy, and what support AIG can offer
  • Vocational rehabilitation and claims management information (MI) for clients with over 1000 employees covered
  • Dedicated claims assessor for all group income protection claims
  • Regular and ongoing conference calls with HR, line managers and relevant third parties (such as occupational health) to track the progress of absentees (short or long term), and discuss how we can support with our rehabilitation or claims process

Get in touch

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Support materials

Vocational rehabilitation guide

Our interactive guide answers FAQs employers may have about vocational rehab, and explains more about the benefits this service has to offer.

Vocational rehabilitation

A vocational process chart for absent employees.

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Vocational rehabilitation case studies

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This case study tells the story of Sarah's successful return to work following cancer treatment.

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