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Group protection. It’s there to give employees – and their families – financial support if they die or they’re too ill to work. But there’s more. It’s also there to help them stay happy and healthy. Today and every day.

David Wheatley; Regional Account Manager, Group Protection Distribution
Author: David Weatley
Regional Account Manager
Group Protection


Weds 16th August 2023

Most group protection products now come with a range of value added services. Here at AIG, all of our products come with access to award-winning Smart Health from day one. And there are a number of other benefits employees can make the most of – depending on what product they’re covered by.
For SMEs, this can be a game-changer. So get prepped for your client conversations and arm yourself with these examples.

It’s day one. Company A have set up group life, group income protection and group critical illness cover with AIG. The company get their welcome pack, which tells them and their employees everything they need to know about the value added services they can access.

Liam, an employee at Company A, struggles to get a GP appointment at his local doctor’s surgery. With his Group Life cover through AIG, he downloads the Smart Health app and accesses the 24/7 GP service. An appointment is made and a call with a GP is received within three hours of the request.

Shona asks her HR team for mental health support. They recommend the mental health service available via Smart Health. She downloads the Smart Health app and within a short period, she’s speaking with a psychologist about her anxiety.

Dave has a poorly child who needs a GP appointment. This is needed in the middle of the night as their child has a high fever. Dave and his wife use Smart Health’s 24/7 GP service and speak to a GP within an hour to discuss symptoms and get treatment advice.

Scott and his partner’s New Year’s resolution is to review their health and lifestyle. They both arrange a health check with a GP via Smart Health. They speak to a nutritionist to get a tailored meal plan with recipes. They also get and download a fitness programme to support their New Year’s resolution.

Bob passes away. The group life policy Bob was a member of pays his spouse a lump sum. This allows Bob’s family to stay in their family home that holds so many wonderful memories for them, helping them deal with their loss. AIG also provides bereavement support for his children and spouse through Winston’s Wish.

When Sally is diagnosed with cancer her employer submits a group income protection claim within a week of her diagnosis. This means she’s referred to Proclaim Care to receive early intervention support. The claims assessor at AIG pulls together any necessary medical evidence to try and ensure the claim is ready to start payment at the end of the deferred period, which is 13 weeks. Sally’s also sent a cancer pathway document so she knows what to expect from the process and what support she can access. Her vocational rehab specialist at Proclaim Care regularly speaks to Sally and her employer to review treatment and to arrange a bespoke return to work plan.

A group critical illness claim is also submitted two weeks after her diagnosis. The claims team recommend Sally use the second medical opinion service through Smart Health, so a referral is made. Sally can now access the support services of RedArc; they provide emotional support while people go through treatment and recovery. The RedArc nurses offer unlimited time over the phone, to both Sally and her family. They also offer advice on getting the most from the medical profession including the NHS, and other organisations such as Macmillan Nurses and Carers UK.

Payments are made by the insurer – this’ll support Sally and her family with any lifestyle changes following her diagnosis. For example, a change in diet and impact to the family during recovery and spending more time at home, including expenses that come from this.
Sally benefited from the support from Proclaim Care through her illness as well as a second medical opinion to make sure she had the right diagnosis and treatment plan. Both of these interventions helped Sally in her recovery.


Group protection goes beyond financial support, providing employees and their families with additional value added services. Today, tomorrow and every day. These examples are powerful tools for you to use in conversations with SME clients, demonstrating the true value our group protection value added services offer.

Use and share these examples with your SME clients. Show the wide-ranging support available to employees and their families. From quick access to healthcare services to emotional support during challenging times, our protection products go above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of your SME clients and their employees.

Smart Health is provided to AIG Life Limited customers by Teladoc Health. Both RedArc and Smart Health are non-contractual benefits, which means they don’t form part of your insurance contract with us. If our partnership with Teladoc Health or RedArc ends, the services can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Names have been used for illustrative purposes only and aren’t based on case studies or real people.