Going beyond the claim

Sometimes, your clients and their families will need help that goes beyond financial support - and we understand that. At AIG, our protection insurance is about more than money.

Support when it's needed most

You can rely on our customer claim support to get your clients, employees and their families the help they need. We do more than simply pay out claims - we work to make those difficult times a little easier.

From helping pay for life’s unexpected expenses to getting a second medical opinion, we go beyond the claim.

By recommending AIG, you give your clients our ongoing support.

The support available is different for individual, business protection, or employee benefit policies.

AIG’s Customer claim support includes:

Finding money for a funeral can be difficult.

Once a claim is approved we ease the worry by paying up to £10,000 of your client’s claim in advance towards the costs of a funeral. This can even be paid directly to a funeral company.

Our flexible approach gives your clients’ families help before all paperwork is finalised.

This service is not available for employee benefits policies.

Our Claims Support Fund is a discretionary fund which provides your client with up to £300 to pay for services that support the person covered or their family in the event of a valid claim.

This is available to clients who have made a claim for life, critical illness, terminal illness, children’s critical illness, total permanent disability or total disability.

This can be used to ease the pressure on costs such as:

  • Travel and parking costs when visiting a hospital for treatment or appointments
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Mastectomy bras
  • Wigs to cover hair loss after cancer treatment
  • Hiring a cleaner after an operation
  • Childcare costs during treatment or recovery
  • Overnight stays in a hotel if the hospital isn’t nearby
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical alert bracelets
  • Vocational courses to help manage a condition in the workplace


There’s no limit to what the Claims Support Fund can be used for. We’re always happy to hear about the different ways we can solve your client’s unique needs.

This fund is available in addition to your client’s cover, and won’t be deducted from their claim payment. Please note that if we pay towards these support services, this doesn‘t mean we’ll definitely approve a claim.

Just like our Funeral Pledge, we provide funds while we’re still processing the claim. We avoid unnecessary paperwork delays, giving your client practical support when they need it most.

This service is not available for employee benefits policies.

We include Best Doctors for all your clients who purchase any AIG Life Individual or Business Protection policy.

Best Doctors gives your clients access to invaluable second opinions from medical experts, helping your customers and their immediate family get the right diagnosis, treatment and care.

Best Doctors can advise on everything from minor surgery to major health concerns, like cancer and heart disease. The service can even look at pre-existing conditions too.

We don’t stop caring when cover ends. We continue to give critical illness customers access to the service for three years after a claim This service is not available for employee benefits policies

Best Doctors is a non-contractual benefit which can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

This service is not available for employee benefits policies

We work with the leading UK charity Winston’s Wish to help bereaved children get the specialist support they need.

Winston’s Wish offers the widest range of practical help in the UK, with your client’s family receiving guidance from professional face-to-face support, group work, online resources, publications and a helpline.

Winston’s Wish is a non-contractual benefit which can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Winston’s Wish is not available with our Whole of Life, Care Cover with Whole of Life, Guaranteed Over Fifties, or Business Protection products.

From on-demand consultations with UK based GPs, to expert case management service with the world’s top medical specialists, our Smart Health service is a convenient way to connect your employees to tools that help manage their health and wellbeing from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Once a claim has been made, absent employees can benefit from tailored nurse support provided by RedArc. 

This service helps guide employees through their treatment plan and provides support while they adjust to living with their critical illness. RedArc can also assist with an employee’s safe return to work upon recovery.

This service is not available for any policies other than Group Critical Illness.

LifeWorks is an Employee Assistance Programme that not only offers best-in-class practical and emotional support for employees, it also gives them and their employers a chance to personalise the experience. And from this familiar space they can then explore the other features it has to offer.

They can use it to access a number of face-to-face counselling sessions and a library of wellbeing articles, through either their smartphones or the web. It also offers work-life support in areas such as legal, financial, education and childcare, with the option to add-on everyday support in the form of discounts and cashback.

There are two options employers can choose from, to make sure they’re offering the best they can to help their employees stay in control of their health.

Our approach to managing absence is based on the established premise that the earlier the intervention, the better the outcomes. That’s why we will look to help an employee back to work as soon as possible, and no later than the fifth week of absence, rather than wait until the deferred period has expired.

Proclaim Care are the UK’s leading independent rehabilitation provider. They specialise in devising and implementing rehabilitation programmes to help people deal with the consequences of injury and medical absence from work, returning them to health and back to work.

This service is not available for any policies other than Group Income Protection.

Vocational Rehabilitation

An overview of the vocational rehabilitation service included in our group income protection insurance.

Useful links

We’ll always help whenever we can. But sometimes other organisations and charities can help even more.

We recommend the below websites as useful resources for dealing with the difficult scenarios you may be claiming for.

Funerals, probate and bereavement

Arranging a funeral

Some useful information on how to arrange a funeral, from the gov.uk website.

Paying for a funeral

Useful information on paying for a funeral, from the Money Advice Service.

Understanding probate

A government guide, to help you understand how probate works.

Bereavement support

Visit Cruse Bereavement Care for help and support.

General and illness support

Help and advice

A range of help and advice from Citizens Advice.

Talking to someone

Details and contact information from the Samaritans.

Help for cancer sufferers

Information and help, from Macmillan Cancer Support.

Support for terminal illness

Get help and information from Marie Curie.