Lockdown: walking, wine and expert advice


Sue Helmont  Sue Helmont, Marketing Director

Friday 19 June 2020


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This weekend I successfully combined my focus on fitness and nutrition by walking to the local wine merchant to order more chardonnay. I even Strava’d it for that post walk gratification of reviewing my mileage and the pleasure of a ‘souvenir’ map. Working from home has been great for doing conference calls in the garden but the days are endless and I’ve become rather fixated on ‘what’s for tea?’  

I don’t foresee things changing any time soon, which means it has become imperative that I maintain some kind of fitness regime. Zoom classes aren’t for me but where to turn? When it comes to my health, I want expert advice, not pseudo-science from insta influencers. 

Staying at home, but staying active

Support with healthy eating and fitness goals have been available since AIG launched Smart Health nearly a year ago. So why focus on them now?

In March, we were all told to stay at home. Gyms closed. And as lockdown changed our daily routines our attitude to health and wellness changed too. Since then, we’ve seen a 100% increase in usage of our tailored fitness plans1. It’s not just Smart Health that has seen this shift in consumer behaviour, it’s happening everywhere we look.

One in three of us are getting more exercise than before with home fitness workouts, cycling and walking the most popular2 choices. Fitness brand, Les Mills, has seen a 900% increase in sign-ups on their online platform3 and ‘PE with Joe’ has seen Joe Wicks’ YouTube views go through the roof4

Fit for the future

As the restrictions slowly lift people are unlikely to rush back to their gyms and many of us will continue to exercise from home5. The Smart Health service from AIG can really help customers to keep up those good habits with unlimited access to the fitness and nutrition experts at Teladoc Health. Not just in lockdown, but in the future too.

In a recent conversation with Dr Tim Foggin, VP and Regional Medical Director of Teladoc Health International, I learned that good habits are not only about prevention but also an active form of wellness and even “treatment”.

If you want to know more, and hear directly from Dr Tim about the expert fitness and nutrition support your clients have available, then register here for our ‘Pressing your wellness reset button’ webinar on 22nd July.  

Expert advice at your fingertips

Through Smart Health, a team of specialist nutritionists are on hand to give personalised advice to your clients. That’s 1.2 million people we look after across the length and breadth of the UK. They can access free nutrition consultations and fitness programmes, meaning advice on everything from weight loss to food intolerances is at their fingers tips.

Personalised plans provided by nutritionists and weekly menus are designed to keep them on track. And if it’s fitness they need support with, our customers can get tailored four or eight week programmes designed by sports coaches to help them on their fitness journey.

We’d love to help you get the message out there - if you’d like some further support or materials to send to your clients, just let us know: GM-Communications@aiglife.co.uk.

And what about me? I’ll have to be honest, it felt good to do my bit for a local business and order a Deliveroo curry on Friday night. It’s clear I need more willpower not just a personalised menu plan. But as restrictions ease I’m able to get out on the horse more, which is good for my mental health. My 500,000 steps a month 2020 challenge is ahead of target thanks to conference calls walking round the block – but no sign yet of wanting to break into a jog.

Let me know how you’ve been keeping fit in lockdown in the comments, and don’t forget to visit our Smart Health hub for any extra support you need.



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