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Group Income Protection that supports from day one.

For a product and added benefits that well and truly focus on wellbeing, look no further.  Our Group Income Protection solution provides the tips and tools needed to help employees with their physical, mental and financial wellbeing, as well as paying up to 80% of an employee’s salary, if they are unable to work.

Because when people are happier, healthier and at their best, businesses are too. That’s where we can help.

From prevention to protection

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Smart Health: the perfect blend of services to help manage health and wellbeing. And it's free to your clients and their families too. They can use it as much as they need, whether that's now or in the future.

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Our vocational rehabilitation programme, provided by our partners Proclaim Care, helps employees get back to work when they’re ready.

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Financial Protection

AIG’s Group Income Protection provides income for employees, if they are unable to work. For us, people come first, which is why we offer practical preventative help and financial support for employees. And it gives you the opportunity to help employers offer a valuable benefit for their business.

For healthier people, there’s Smart Health

Smart Health is more than a wellbeing service.

It’s round-the-clock access to GP appointments. It’s support from a team of mental health professionals – whether that’s the 24/7 mental health helpline, the myStrength app or a one-to-one appointment with a qualified expert. It’s access to nutritionists for tailored weekly menus and sports coaches for workout programmes. It’s a second medical opinion from over 50,000 world leading experts. And it’s legal and financial support.

Accessed on the go through the Smart Health app, keeping employees fighting fit has never been so convenient.

Smart Health is provided to AIG Life Limited customers by Teladoc Health. These services are non-contractual, which means they don’t form part of the insurance contract with us. If our partnership with Teladoc Health ends, these services could be changed or withdrawn in the future.

Employer communications toolkit

Email templates

We’ve taken the leg work out of telling your people about Smart Health. Read on for everything from introducing the service to the mental health services on offer.

Download Updated 05 Sep 23

Smart Health’s here to make work a happier, healthier place to be – mentally, physically and financially. Use these slides to help you spread the word.

Download Updated 05 Sep 23

Your guide to Smart Health: everything from how to get started to the details of all services.

Download Updated 05 Sep 23

Our poster pack is there to brighten up the office walls and remind people of the benefits of Smart Health.

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For recovering people, Proclaim Care is there

When an employee is unable to work and needs to take time off, our vocational rehabilitation programme is there to help them get back on their feet and into work when they’re ready.

Provided by our partner, Proclaim Care, this independent and impartial service works to create a realistic return-to-work plan tailored to the individual employee.

Whether it’s support, advice, treatment or guidance, rehabilitation specialists are on hand to help – not to mention they’re all qualified medical professionals. So rest assured, all employees are in good hands. Together, we’ll do what we can to help them get back to being their best.

For insured employees who are unwell, Proclaim Care is here to help once they’re ready to come back to work. 

Discover more about vocational rehabilitation

For protected people, explore our Group Income Protection product

When an employee is recuperating, the last thing they need to distract them from their recovery is money worries – an income could make a huge difference.

The benefits of our Group Income Protection are available to businesses of any size. And your clients will have complete control, as well as the opportunity to offer an attractive benefit to their employees. It’s also flexible and can be tailored to each employer with ease – whether it’s the amount of time income protection is paid, or the time an employee needs to be off before it kicks in.

Flexible options
  • Up to 80% of salary available
  • 8, 13, 26, 28, 41 or 52-week deferred periods
  • Limited payment periods of two, three, four or five years
  • Automatic acceptance limit for schemes with three employees or more
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So that’s our Group Income Protection offering – focused on practical prevention (unlike other products out there) and protection when it’s needed. Be your best with AIG.

To get a quote for a client, give us a call on 0330 303 9978 or email us at

If you're quoting for a scheme of up to 200 employees, visit our online portal to get a quote now.

Literature and support materials

Group Income Protection - Product summary

This document is for employees to understand how income protection cover works.

Download Updated 02 Nov 21
Group Income Protection - Technical guide

An overview of the Group Income Protection policy. Policy aims, how it works, what is covered and premiums charged.

Download Updated 28 Nov 22
Group Income Protection - Terms and conditions

This explains how the cover works and the terms and conditions for Group Income Protection.

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Vocational rehabilitation process

A vocational rehabilitation process chart.

Download Updated 01 Jun 21
Group income protection – sales aid

Read our guide to group income protection, explaining all of the benefits this product offers your clients and their employees.

DOWNLOAD Updated 05 Sep 23
Group Income Protection – Adviser guide

Our Group Income Protection is combined with value added services that protect employees from the get-go. It’s made up of three important stages: prevention, rehabilitation and financial protection. Read our guide to find out more.

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Vocational rehabilitation guide

Our interactive guide answers FAQs employers may have about vocational rehab, and explains more about the benefits this service has to offer.

Group Income Protection - Member guide

This document is for employees to understand how Group Income Protection cover works.

Download Updated 02 Nov 21


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