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Winston's Wish

Our trio of Winston's Wish stories show how the charity's specialist support helps children who’ve lost a parent or sibling by listening to their grief, acting when they’re needed and knowing what to say when it’s time to talk.

Sharon's story

Sharon had no idea that one day, heading home from work, her life would change and would never return to how she knew it. Sharon had a stroke at the young age of 42.

Ian's story

Max was announced profoundly deaf moments after being born in May 2017. Ian wanted to share their story and to offer advice to those thinking about taking out insurance.

Alex's story

Alex was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in June 2017 at the age of 66, and wanted to offer his advice to those thinking about taking out insurance.

John's story

John never thought that he would need to claim on his critical illness insurance policy. A diagnosis for prostate cancer turned his world upside down.

Steve's story

Steve was on holiday with his wife when he experienced breathlessness and chest pain. The last thing Steve expected was to be undergoing a life-saving quadruple bypass weeks later.