Literature for advisers

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Please use the tabs above to browse and download the latest protection adviser literature from AIG. For commonly accessed literature, you may also wish to use our frequent downloads section, below.

Frequently downloaded

Quick reference underwriting guide

This underwriting guide covers non-medical limits, height and weight, occupations, driving and financial underwriting. Underwriting decisions may differ due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Download Updated 12 Sep 21
Data capture form

This form will help you collect the information you need when applying for your clients' policies online.

Download Updated 24 Apr 22
Discretionary Trust form - single life

Discover more about Discretionary Trusts for a single life policy and how they could be the right option for your client.

DOWNLOAD Updated 01 Aug 19
Medical data capture form

This form contains questions that our online application system will ask for the 10 most common medical disclosures.

Download Updated 07 Nov 21