Instant Life Insurance

AIG’s Instant Life Insurance covers your client and provides financial support to their families if they die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. We offer this insurance with level, increasing or decreasing term options. Our Instant Life Insurance is available with a simple online application that takes fewer than eight minutes. There’s no manual or medical underwriting needed, therefore your clients can get an instant decision.

Why recommend AIG's Instant Life Insurance

We recognise that your clients require simplicity and instant protection when choosing life insurance, and this option makes getting cover quick and hassle-free.

  • Straightforward sign-up process: With our easy-to-use online application portal, clients can complete their own applications in their own time. All you need to do is send them a link by email and they can fill this in by themselves.
  • Simplified underwriting: We understand that clients want instant protection and that they can get frustrated with lengthy underwriting processes. With our quick approach, it’s more likely that your clients will complete an application and take out a policy.
  • Quick decisions: All instant applicants receive an immediate decision on whether we can insure them.

Instant Life Insurance

Instant Life Insurance

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Smart Health

From on-demand consultations with UK based GPs, to Best Doctors - the expert case management service with the world’s top medical specialists, our Smart Health service is a convenient way to connect your customers to tools that help them to manage their health and wellbeing from anywhere in the world, 24/7.


Additional benefits of AIG

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Best Doctors®

We give your clients access to Best Doctors for invaluable second medical opinions. Their knowledge helps your clients and their immediate family get the right diagnosis, treatment and care.

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Winston's Wish

We understand that people need more than financial security. We work with the leading UK charity Winston’s Wish to help bereaved children get the specialist support they need.

Our Funeral Pledge

We’ll pay up to £10,000 of your client’s valid claim in advance towards the cost of a funeral. This is financial assistance when their family need it most.

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Our Claims Support Fund

We offer a discretionary fund of up to £300 towards services such as travel costs and wigs after cancer treatment - all to help your client and their family cope with a serious illness.

Smart Health, Best Doctors and Winston’s Wish are non-contractual benefits which can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Literature and support materials

Instant Life Insurance - Sales Aid

View our sales aid to find out more about AIG Instant Life Insurance.

Download Updated 06 Jun 19
Instant Life Insurance Details

This document explains how Instant Life Insurance works.

Download Updated 30 Apr 18
Instant Life Insurance - Key Facts

This document describes what is covered by our Instant Life Insurance, who can buy it and how it works

Download Updated 30 Apr 18
Instant Life Insurance - Underwriting guide

This guide takes you through the underwriting rules for our Instant Life insurance. Underwriting decisions may differ due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Instant - data capture form

This is a data capture form for Instant Life Insurance.

Download Updated 02 Aug 20