More than financial support

At AIG, we work with people experiencing some of the toughest times they’ll ever go through. Illness or the loss of a loved one is never easy, but we help in any way we can. Our life insurance products include additional services as standard - extra support for no extra cost.

Two doctors walking up stairs

Best Doctors®

We provide access to Best Doctors - a service that provides invaluable second medical opinions.

We know people have questions after a diagnosis. Best Doctors gives clear and reliable answers, making sure AIG policyholders and their family get the right diagnosis, treatment and care. Best Doctors can advise on everything from minor surgery to major health concerns, like cancer and heart disease. The service can even look at pre-existing conditions too.

Our support doesn’t suddenly end once a claim is paid. If a customer claims for critical illness, we continue to give access to Best Doctors for three years - empowering our policyholders to manage the after-effects of treatment.

This service is not available for employee benefits policies.


Two children painting with their hands

Winston's Wish

The death of a parent or sibling can be one of the most devastating things a child will ever face. That’s why we’ve partnered with a leading UK charity Winston’s Wish to help bereaved children and their families get the specialist support they need.

Winston’s Wish offers a wide range of practical support and guidance in the UK, including online resources, publications, a national telephone helpline, professional face-to-face support and group work.

We encourage anyone who needs to make a life or terminal illness claim to use this service – it doesn’t matter how old or new the policy is.


Best Doctors and Winston’s Wish are non-contractual benefits which can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

RedArc support service

We believe in giving more than just financial assistance. That’s why our critical illness claimants and their families are offered RedArc’s critical illness service.

With RedArc, each claimant has a dedicated personal nurse adviser who can help them for as long as they need, providing expert advice and long-term emotional support.

This service is not available for any policies other than group critical illness


Best Doctors - Guide

Find out how Best Doctors gives your clients access to an invaluable second medical opinion service.

Download Updated 31 Jul 18
Winston's Wish - Guide

Find out how the bereavement charity Winston's Wish can support your clients and their families.

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