Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness protection insures your clients and their families against the financial consequences and impact of being critically ill. AIG’s critical illness cover provides term assurance and pays out if your clients are diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness. It’s flexible too. Your client can choose the amount they insure for and any additional (but optional) benefits. This helps you offer a plan that’s genuinely helpful.

Choose AIG's critical illness protection

  • Broader protection: We cover over 100 different conditions and operations. Our cover for cancer, heart attack, multiple sclerosis and stroke exceeds the definition set by the Association of British Insurers.
  • Total Disability: This unique add-on is an affordable alternative to a traditional income protection plan. If your client is unable to work for more than 26 weeks, they could receive a monthly benefit to help keep their household running. If your client claims for Total Disability, this claim will draw down from their critical illness cover amount and will reduce the sum assured available for a critical illness claim.
  • More cover for children: Any children your client has, or will have in the future, are automatically covered. There’s no need to change their policy if their family grows. We also pay more if your client’s child needs to travel overseas for medical treatment.
  • Pregnancy cover: Our critical illness protection includes cover for pregnancy as standard. So if your client were to suffer a pregnancy complication that meets our definition, they could receive a pregnancy cover benefit of £5,000.

Writing your client's policy into trust

Your clients are able to write their policies into trust, and we offer both simple and split options. Making this legal arrangement ensures that money paid out goes straight to the people they want to benefit from it. It also could allow a quicker death claim payment compared to a policy not in trust and could exempt any pay out from IHT liabilities. We cannot advise on whether putting any particular plan into a trust would be suitable for your client’s particular circumstances and would recommend that they take professional legal advice. For more information, read our guide to explain how trusts work for insurance policies.


Additional benefits of AIG

Two doctors walking up stairs
Best Doctors®

We give your clients access to Best Doctors for invaluable second medical opinions. Their knowledge helps your clients and their immediate family get the right diagnosis, treatment and care.

Two children painting with their hands
Winston's Wish

We understand that people need more than financial security. We work with the leading UK charity Winston’s Wish to help bereaved children get the specialist support they need.

Smart Health

From on-demand consultations with UK based GPs, to Best Doctors - the expert case management service with the world’s top medical specialists, our Smart Health service is a convenient way to connect your customers to tools that help them to manage their health and wellbeing from anywhere in the world, 24/7.


Smart Health, Best Doctors and Winston’s Wish are non-contractual benefits which can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Literature and support materials

Reasons why - Individual Protection

A guide to provide an example of what a ‘reasons why’ letter could contain.

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Critical Illness - Sales aid

Understand how our critical illness cover can help your clients.

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Critical Illness - Cover Details

Read our Cover Details for an explanation of how AIG's Critical Illness with Term Assurance works.

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Critical Illness with Term Assurance - Key Facts

For more information on YourLife Plan Critical Illness, visit our Key Facts.

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A guide to Critical Illness

Read more the conditions about we cover and the definitions we use.

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