The future of underwriting

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Our new underwriting process is faster, more efficient and accessible for more customers.

David Wheatley; Regional Account Manager, Group Protection Distribution
Author: Helen Croft
Chief Underwriter
AIG Life
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Monday 27th November 2023

My ultimate goal as an underwriter is making it easy for people to buy – and understand – the insurance they need. A big part of achieving this comes down to how easy it is to submit an application and the quality of the underwriting rules.

Which is why the AIG team and I have been working hard behind the scenes to upgrade our underwriting rules engine and check we’re doing right by customers under the Consumer Duty. Our new process is now faster, more efficient and accessible for more customers. And makes it easier to drive underwriting changes in the future.

New journey

Before we did anything, we tested the quality of our proposed underwriting journey with consumers and financial advisers, to check it meets the FCA’s Consumer Duty principles on understanding. The feedback was great.

Advisers and consumers said the questions we ask were easy to understand and answer. Their feedback showed where we could make small improvements, allowing even more people to give us the right information – and understand why we’re asking for it.

The new underwriting journey has been designed to make sure that the right questions are asked in a simple way. So what’s actually different?

  • The journey is modernised, making it easier to navigate and use
  • Simple language is used throughout the journey to reduce confusion and non-disclosure, ultimately helping people get their claims paid
  • Some questions have been removed, and some added, focusing on information that will affect the underwriting decision.

I’m confident that you’ll like the new process.

New rules

With a new rules engine comes a new ruleset. Don’t worry, we’ve not ripped up the old rulebook. Much of what you’re familiar with, such as BMI and non-medical limits, remains the same. But we’ve taken the time and made over 50 underwriting rule changes. Such as removing the need for GP reports wherever we can, focusing on getting more people immediate decisions - giving your clients better outcomes as we know this helps people get insurance.


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Raised cholesterol - we've simplified questions and give more applicants an immediate decision, plus on CI applications replaced the need for GP reports with a rating.

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Women previous diagnosed with diabetes in pregnancy will now be asked more questions rather than seeking a GP report.


More customers will be able to access insurance too. Changes to some underwriting rules means people who would previously have been declined can get cover such as:

  • Customers with diabetes can be considered for critical illness cover and there’s less need for GP evidence
  • More customers with a history of cancer can now get critical illness insurance

New beginnings

These changes are just the start. With the new underwriting journey in place, it’s now easier for us to refine and improve in the future. Making sure that everything we do helps your clients get an underwriting decision at the earliest opportunity – because that’s the ultimate underwriting goal and what it’s all about.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about these changes, you can speak to one of our dedicated sales team on 0345 600 6829.