Make admin effortless: group protection for SMEs

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SMEs are at the heart of our economy. They make up 99% of UK businesses1, keeping 16.4 million of us in a job2. And they work hard.

We know running an SME business can be tough. But setting up group protection for their people shouldn’t be. No two insurers are the same and there’s no standard admin processes across the industry – so it seems complicated. We get it.

But we want to bust that myth. Hear us out.

Harry Haworth; Group Protection
Harry Haworth
Sales Distribution Consultant

Frieda Godinho
Sales Manager

Frieda Godinho; Group Protection


Weds 16th August 2023

Keeping admin simple

Admin burden is a thing of the past when using our online adviser portal. With on-demand access to current information, continue to position yourself as an industry expert.

You might have clients with just a couple of employees and you might have clients with a couple of hundred, or even thousand, employees. Whatever the size, our administration process allows us to match the service to your client.

Smaller policies can be managed online by you or your client. Larger policies are managed offline by our client services team. All of this helps you stay up to date with client information and make sure you’re always getting the best price for premiums.

Simplifying for SMEs

You want a quick response. We’ve heard that loud and clear. That’s why we simplify services for SMEs with under 200 employees. From quoting all the way through to ongoing administration. We administer schemes on a quarterly or annual basis to save time. Less touchpoints, more efficiency and minimal impact to you and your clients. It’s win-win.

Putting you in control

Through the portal’s self-administration, you can update client information at a time that suits you. There’s no need to contact us, putting you in the driver’s seat.

Need to change the number of covered employees? No problem. Need to update a salary after a promotion? You’ve got this. Just log in and make the changes.

Less frequent accounts is less administration for everyone. Fewer touchpoints mean less invoices to reconcile, less chance of errors occurring and less chance of an account being delayed.

Keeping data straightforward

When it comes to data, simplicity is key:

  • Rather than individual member occupations, we use industry type,
  • We only need DOB, salary, workplace postcode, and country along with industry type and medical disclosures from the client.

This means you’ll have more time for building relationships with your clients, and more time to show the added value of your advice.

If you’ve got any questions about our online system then please do get in touch.


1 . Business statistics - UK Parliamentary Research  Briefing, Commons Library,  December 2022

2. Business population estimates for the UK and regions 2022, ONS, October 2022