AIG Life unveils protection journey toolkit

Wednesday 2 February 2022

'Content curated to match in-play protection journey stage'

UK life insurer AIG Life has today unveiled a one-stop shop toolkit of customer-facing digital content that makes it easier for protection intermediaries to have a conversation with clients at all stages of the protection recommendation process.

theTOOLKIT is quick and easy to use as it matches the stage of the protection journey that the intermediary and client are in, whether that’s “I’m preparing for a meeting”, “we’re in a meeting” or “following up’. It collates popular customer-facing leaflets, sales aids, customer stories, a playbook, calculators and tools that can be used with the customer in that moment.

Its simple interactive functionality transforms broker-client protection conversations from a product focus to customer need and understanding. Portable templates and information help busy intermediaries unpack the conversation with clients by pulling together everything they need in one place, before, during and, importantly, after their meeting too.


Vicky Churcher, Intermediary Director at AIG Life, said:

“The toolkit enables intermediaries to have better quality client conversations, as well as build relationships and retain clients.”

“We’ve designed theTOOLKIT with protection intermediaries in mind because talking about protection isn’t easy but finding the right tools should be. The beauty of it is it’s easily expandable, highly portable and ready to go at a moment’s notice. It supports an adviser’s need to engage clients on all things protection and, whatever stage of the protection journey they’re at, find everything they need in just a couple of clicks.”


Protection advisers can find theTOOLKIT content, which will grow over time through continued feedback from intermediaries, on the Adviser section of the AIG Life website.