Individual Protection from AIG

Summary: This is our main Privacy Policy and it explains how we use Personal Information which we collect about individuals. Personal Information is information about you and other individuals. Before providing us with Personal Information about someone else, please tell that individual about this Privacy Policy and (where possible) get their permission to share their Personal Information with us.

In detail: We use the words Personal Information to describe information about you and other individuals (for example, your partner or other members of your family), and from which you or they are identifiable.

Our aim is responsible and secure handling of Personal Information, balancing the benefits of activities like research and data analytics to improve our products and service delivery, with our other commitments, including fairness, transparency and non-discrimination.

This is our main Privacy Policy which describes how we use Personal Information that we collect as part of our business activities.

This Privacy Policy will be supplemented by additional privacy notices tailored to our specific relationships with you where this is useful to provide you with a full picture of how we collect and use your Personal Information.

Personal Information is obtained from a variety of sources, including:

  • application, proposal and claim forms, and other forms;
  • telephone calls, emails, meetings and other communications;
  • service providers, brokers and agents, financial advisers, comparison websites, claims investigators, witnesses, medical professionals, credit reference agencies, your employer, and other third parties;
  • this website (the Site);
  • the software applications made available by us on computers, smart phones and other mobile devices (the Apps); and
  • our social media pages, other social media content, tools and applications (our Social Media Content).

In this Privacy Policy, we refer to the Site, the Apps and Social Media Content together as AIG Digital Services.

Unless otherwise indicated, the AIG Digital Services are not intended for use by individuals under the age of eighteen (18), and we request that if you are under eighteen (18) you do not provide Personal Information through the AIG Digital Services.

Personal Information may be provided to us by you directly or by a third party. For example, an insurance policyholder may provide Personal Information about you so that you can benefit under their insurance policy.

Please note: Before providing us with Personal Information about another individual you must (unless we agree otherwise): (a) inform the individual about the content of this Privacy Policy and any other applicable privacy notices provided to you; and (b) obtain their permission (where possible) to share their Personal Information with us in accordance with this Privacy Policy and other applicable privacy notices.