Individual Protection from AIG

Are automated decisions made using Personal Information?


Sometimes we use automated decision making tools (i.e. where a person is not involved in the decision).

We typically use these tools when making straightforward decisions about you (for example, in certain claims handling and medical screening processes). 

Where this is the case we provide you with more information so you understand what is involved.

In detail:

Sometimes, as part of our business operations, decisions about you are taken using automated computer software and systems.  These decisions do not involve human input, and the software and systems apply pre-defined logic programming and criteria to make a decision and assess how we deal with you in connection with the provision of services.

For example, we use automated decision making to assess your eligibility for insurance and to determine the premium amount.

We will provide you with more information in relation to any automated decision processes before or at the time that we intend to make decisions in this way. You have the right in certain circumstances not to be subject to a decision which is based solely on automated processing. Please see the section below 'What are your Personal Information rights?' below for further details of this right.