Applying for an agency


If you’d like to apply for an agency (Intermediary Business Agreement) with AIG Life, you can do this in one of two ways. Please find both the Origo agency link, as well as the AIG Life Limited Intermediary Business agreement documents below.


Useful information

Please note that all Directors/Partner Members need to sign the Directors Personal Guarantee Deed. This needs to be independently witnessed, for example, by someone other than an employee of the firm or a relative of the directors.

Once completed, please scan and send both the application form and the Directors Personal Guarantee Deed to: and post the original document to: AIG Life Limited (On-Boarding Team), PO Box 12010, Harlow, CM20 9LG. We need the original document for our records.

If you have any questions, please call our dedicated team on 0330 390 0515 or email us at - we'll be happy to help.

Application forms

Apply via Origo

It's quick and easy to set-up an agency with us, via Origo. Simply click the link below to get started.

Intermediary Application Form

Download and complete this Intermediary Business Agreement form to apply for an agency with us.

Download Updated 31 Mar 15
Directors Personal Guarantee Deed

AIG's Agency Personal Guarantee form

Download Updated 01 Mar 18
Intermediary Business Agreement

This business agreement sets out all of the terms of our legal relationship and apply to any business you do with us.

Download Updated 18 Jul 21

Questions you may have

Your principal firm will need to make this request. All they need to do is email with your name, email address and contact telephone number.

Registering with Origo is easy and free to do. It’ll also allow you to submit your agency request with multiple providers at the same time.

A paper copy is required should a query be raised over its authenticity.

We aim to have you live within four working days.

If you’re a Directly Authorised firm, the request for new users should come from the director or partner of the company or someone similar.

If you’re an Authorised Representative firm, requests will need to be approved by the network or principal firm before registration can take place.

When requesting a new user, these should be emailed to the Agency Team at: and we’ll need to know:

  • Name of user
  • Email
  • Access (Adviser, administrator or super user)

Agent – this’ll be the adviser or consultant who sell protection policies. The agent is deemed to be the “owner” of the case. Advisers will only have access to their own policies.

Administrator - this will be an administrator, paraplanner or sales support person who is allowed to work on behalf of an agent. This type of user can search for, load, update or submit business on behalf of any agent for whom this user has been assigned the agent admin access. This access allows administrators to use their own independent login details to access the system, without having to share logins with any agents.

Super user – this allows an adviser to submit business under their own name, but also view and work on behalf of other agents’ business.

When setting up a new firm, whether this is a Directly Authorised or an Authorised Representative firm, these go to our On-boarding Team ( You’ll only liaise with this team during the setup period.

Then once the firm has been setup, all future enquiries will be with the Agency Team ( including any change of details such as company name, email addresses, statements and bank details.

On-boarding is for initial firm setup only, then Agency deal with any future enquiries.

If you’ve never been registered as a user, please see the above question 'How do I register a user under an existing agency? (AR/DA)'

If you’ve been registered already, you’ll have received your username and temporary password to login. These details are valid for 30 days. If these have expired before logging in for the first time, please contact the Agency team to reset your password.

If you’ve forgotten your password you can use the ‘forgotten password’ button to reset your password. If your account has been ‘locked’ due to too many incorrect attempts, please contact customer services who will be able to reset this for you.

Yes. Accessing an active policy will take you to our online servicing system (OLS). From here you can see the details of your clients cover and make changes such as amending their contact or payment details; cancelling or restarting a cover.

You’ll also be able to see details around commission for specific covers including the initial commission amount, renewal amount, start date and any potential clawback.

A novation is the movement of any policy or entity (AR company, branch, user) underneath a Directly Authorised firm to another Directly Authorised firm. This also moves the liability of the policies between said Directly Authorised firms. In order to novate, business requests should be sent to the Agency Team.

The request must come on the principal firm's letterhead and be signed by an authorised individual, dated within 30 days of the request.

We also require the following information from both receiving and rescinding firms;

  • If servicing is to be transferred or not
  • If renewal commission is to be transferred or not
  • If unearned indemnity liability is to be transferred or not
  • If pipeline business is to be transferred or not
  • If users/ advisers are to be transferred or not
  • What is to be transferred e.g. company, user, children, policies

As an adviser,  you will need to sign a terms of business agreement before you can request group risk quotes and use our online services.

Please download the agreement and scan the completed copy to our team at

We’ll get back to you with your agency number and login details.

If you’re not sure if your company has an agreement with us, give us a call on: 0330 303 9978.

If you have an agency number, you’ll need to register here to use our online services.