Individual Protection CPD

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Most popular: Expert hour: value conversations for quality business

60 minutes CPD

Competing on price alone is not in the interest of better customer outcomes, but additional benefits such as wellbeing services can demonstrate the long-term value of the policy to your customers.

Tangible benefits mean that the policy is no longer simply a piece of paper in a drawer.


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Let’s talk: expert opinions on early intervention (60 minutes)

This CPD session sees a panel of experts discussing all things relating to early intervention when it comes to income protection.

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Let’s talk: breaking down barriers to income protection (60 minutes)

Understand the current barriers to income protection and how to over come these, plus much more.

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Let’s talk: supporting client conversations with AIG’s Income Protection (60 minutes)

Understand the real value of income protection and feel confident in recommending AIG. Get into the detail of the product lifecycle and how it can help deepen your client relationships.

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Selling life cover on value (40 minutes)

Selling Life Cover on Value details how to demonstrate the value when selling in a potential protection solution. The session highlights the fact that price is just one factor in determining the appropriate cover choice for your clients and value should be evident in that solution.

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#OneChat with Dave Marcus - Understanding the value of protection (60 mins)

Critical illness (CI) cover. Yes, it provides a lump sum to people when they need it most. But it might just save a life one day too. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear first-hand from AIG customer Dave Marcus on how he discovered the true value of CI.

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Enhanced Gift Trusts (45 minutes)

Delve into the topic of investment-related schemes, legacy gift planning and how to enhance the return available investment bond schemes, using a Whole of Life policy.

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IQ: An insight into lead generation (45 minutes)

We’ll be focusing on how to make lead generation work for advisers and what regulation means for you.

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Expert hour: Closing the critical illness gender gap (60 minutes)

Over half of the female population have never considered protection insurance. And when it comes to critical illness, they’re taking out 90% less cover than men. So let’s talk about how we can close the critical illness gender gap.

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Family Income Benefit (45 minutes)

Explore the topic of Family Income Benefit cover as we look at financial security, sustaining family lifestyle and what situations could impact on a household’s income stability.

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IQ webinar: Gaining customer commitment (30 minutes)

How to reduce your cancellation rate by gaining customer commitment. We discuss some of the main reasons why customers cancel their cover and recommend measures that you can put in place to reduce this.

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Expert hour: How to: deliver good customer outcomes (60 minutes)

Join our panel of experts where they’ll be discussing the most common causes of misrepresentation and exploring how we can overcome this together. We’ll also look at examples where we can seek to deliver good customer outcomes, putting the customer at the centre of our culture across the industry.

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Expert hour: Value conversations for quality business (60 minutes)

Competing on price alone is not in the interest of better customer outcomes, but additional benefits such as wellbeing services can demonstrate the long-term value of the policy to your customers. Tangible benefits mean that the policy is no longer simply a piece of paper in a drawer.

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Expert eye on: Child critical illness cover (60 minutes)

Jordan and Sophie Chappelow didn’t even know they had child critical illness cover until their mortgage adviser got in touch. Listen to what CI cover has meant for The Chappelows and their son Shay – ‘the happiest little guy you’ll ever meet’.

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How to: Reinvigorate your critical illness sales process (60 minutes)

Many clients are not aware of critical illness cover (CIC) and the benefits it offers. This session will give you some top tips for reinvigorating your CIC sales process. You’ll hear from expert CIC sellers on how they prepare for critical illness conversations and manage objections with clients.

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Relevant Life (35 minutes)

Relevant life insurance provides employees with death-in-service benefits outside a registered group life scheme. It’s designed to pay out a lump sum on death or diagnosis of a terminal illness. Straightforward and cost-effective, it’s also tax-efficient for employers and employees.

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Let’s talk: Mental health underwriting (60 minutes)

Joanna Scott will be joining us from the ABI to talk through their new mental health standards and what they mean for people when accessing insurance. And our very own Helen Croft and Rachael Bradbourn will talk about how we’ve made it quicker and easier for customers to get insured.

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Balancing price and quality with CI cover (60 minutes)

Critical illness (CI) cover has changed over the years. So has how we judge the quality of the cover. Price, quality, the number of conditions, value added services. It can be a minefield but we’re here to set the story straight.